Cerebral Palsy Association thanks all its supporters

Cerebral Palsy Association thanks all its supporters

PRESS RELEASE – The Cerebral Palsy Association of St Lucia wishes to express its most sincere gratitude to the Corporate, Non-profit and Voluntary organisations that have supported its efforts since its inception in 2012.

On this occasion, the association wishes to recognize the invaluable contribution of the Rotary Club of Gros Islet.

The club who recognised the need for continuous support and stimulation for children with challenges have come on board to ensure the continuity of the Horseback riding program in 2015.

Horseback riding can help children with cerebral palsy on several fronts.

Interacting with the animal can lift a child’s spirits emotionally and psychologically while also providing valuable physical exercise.

The horse’s gait has three-dimensional movement—equine movement–similar to a human that helps a child plan physical responses to the horse’s movement.

Horseback riding requires subtle adjustments and positioning to maintain proper balance and posture.

Physical benefits include: Improved gross motor skills, Trunk core strength, Control of extremities, improved postural symmetry, reduced abnormal muscle tone and Respiratory control.

Cognitive benefits include: Improved attention, Visual coordination, Sensory input, tactile response, improved timing and grading of responses, improved ability to express thoughts and needs.

Psychological benefits include: Enjoyable interactions with the animal, Opportunities for social interaction and improved self-esteem.

The Cerebral Palsy Association of St Lucia is most appreciative of the support of the Rotaract Club of Gros-Islet as we aim to “Rise Above Physical Challenges”.

Please support our Bingo Night scheduled for Saturday April 25th 2015 at the CSA centre. Proceeds go towards our upcoming Respite Day and purchase of a Water Heater to recommence our Aquatherapy program.

Please contact 285-2490 for further information.


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