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Central Castries sweeps to U14 football title

By Terry Finisterre

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(SNO) — The battle of Castries concluded on Sunday evening, with the young footballing heroes of Mary Ann Street, Constitution Park, Derek Walcott Square, and The Sab prevailing.

The boys of Mindoo Phillip Park, Bagatelle, Independence City, and Sunbilt were left to take second place.

The event was the finale of the Saint Lucia Football Association Inc. Under-14 Boys competition. The combatants: Castries Central versus Marchand. All played out in the scenic surrounds of the Mabouya Playing Field on Sunday, January 20.

Between them, the two squads featured a who’s who of youth internationals, as many as eight in total. Both had played extraordinarily well to make it to this grand stage, and the evenness in quality led to a stalemate at halftime, though the game was certainly not without incident.

It was not, in fact, until late in the piece that Central Castries captain Shaquan ‘Ants’ Nelson netted for Central, only to see the lead doubled within minutes, thanks to talisman Keegan Caul. A third goal came off the boot of a Marchand defender, only to be blown off, apparently, bizarrely, for off-sides.

The final whistle sparked joyous celebrations from the Central Castries players, parents, family, and fans, who had travelled in their numbers to watch their young lions. It was, of course, a bittersweet moment for the vanquished Marchand boys, and their numerous supporters.

At the finish, Central Castries dominated the prize-giving ceremony. Sherqwane Prudent was named best defender, and Ajani Hippolyte, best midfielder. Caul got the most goals for the tournament, whilst Nelson was adjudged most valuable player of the finals.

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