Cellma training at OKEU

Cellma training at OKEU

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Department of Health & Wellness is continuing to prepare for the full implementation of health information system at the Owen King EU Hospital.

In an effort to improve health service delivery at the Owen King EU hospital, physicians and nurses were engaged in cellma training for the implementation of the health information system.

The training provided participants with in-depth knowledge of the features of the clinical software and also to improve on their competency of the health information system.

Medical Director of the Victoria Hospital Dr. Alisha Eugene-Ford says the cellma training is important as it will allow health professionals to manage and streamline the patient care process using the health information system.

“The aim is to have everyone trained eventually so that persons can stop using paper and move into the situation where they are actually inputting medical information or clinical information or whatever interaction they have with the patient in a health information system. of the things the system allows is different levels of access. So, in other words, while we write on paper at Victoria hospital and we have the file and different levels of staff have to access the file in order to enter your demographic details or for you to enter your blood pressure and temperature and then the physician will then come and enter his part. When we do have the health information system, it will allow the physician to access many levels but cut down on certain levels of cadre of staff that need not know.”

Dr. Eugene-Ford also spoke on the need to continue training staff on the use of the health information system as it will benefit everyone in the health care space.

“So, it has to be something that is continual to ensure that everyone coming on board can use the system and everyone sees the importance of putting information in the system. Because when you look at the big picture, the data that is collected can assist us at Victoria hospital/OKEU hospital as well as the Ministry of Health and by extension the government of Saint Lucia to plan the way health supposed to go. So, we can find out information on what is happening, the main causes of illnesses, where should many be placed, what should we do to prevent these illnesses. So, it is important that everyone sees the buy-in and sees the need of putting in information in the health information system to benefit not just one single person but the whole island in its entirety cause data collection and analysis can go a very long way.”

The cellma training for physicians and nurses was administered by Riomed Ltd.


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