Celestial single mothers team now trained in St. John Ambulance first aid

Celestial single mothers team now trained in St. John Ambulance first aid

Last week 10 assembly technicians at Cellestial completed 2-days of training and received their certifications in St John Ambulance First Aid, compliments of St. John Ambulance, NSDC and their SMILES program (Single Mothers In Life Enhancement Skills).

The course was intense and designed to impart knowledge, skills and attributes deemed necessary for giving competent care to the ill or injured until medical aid arrives.

Cellestial team-members learned about safety and hazards, managing the unconscious casualty, resuscitation techniques, trauma management, shock, bleeding, wounds, skeletal damage, sprains and strains, head, neck and spinal injury, eye, ear or mouth injury, chest pain and injury, breathing difficulties, abdominal or pelvic injury, poison, bites and stings, overexposure, infection control, first aid team work and the treatment of multiple serious injuries.

Now the Cellestial factory, which produces tablets and laptops in Vide Boutielle, is staffed with qualified first aid responders who, in an emergency, have the right knowledge and skills to help their colleagues, family and friends. All team-members at Regional Communications Ltd now know that seconds really do count to save a life.

St. John Saint Lucia is a self-funding charitable organization, dedicated to helping people in sickness, distress, suffering or danger. As Saint Lucia’s standard for excellence in first aid and CPR services, St John Ambulance plays an integral role in our society offering innovative programs and products, thereby ensuring Saint Lucians receive the best quality training and expertise.

St John Saint Lucia instructs in disaster preparedness during this dangerous hurricane season, St. John also provides vital support services and health awareness to communities around the island. Cellestial, the Caribbean’s first and only manufacturer of tablets & laptops, is aggressively pursuing model employer initiatives in an effort to empower its team, 90% of which are single mothers.

Factory manager, Manda Philgence (4th from left in photo), was very complimentary of St. John Ambulance instructor, Glenn Wilson (far right in photo), who motivated the team with his passion for the subject of First Aid. “We are all better for the life- saving skills learned by all of the ladies here today” commented Manda, “You never know when any of us might be called in to help save another” she stated. Cellestial’s Director of Operations, Marcia Charles (far left in photo), was equally proud of the enthusiasm and participation of the attendees.

“Factory safety is more than just a question of a safe and comfortable physical workplace, it is the people who really matter when there is an emergency and St. John Ambulance has stepped up our level of response in a very meaningful way”, she concluded.


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