Celestial Self Development Centre hosts its 5th Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk

Celestial Self Development Centre hosts its 5th Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk

#BalanceForBetter – A historic 182 Global Mentoring Walks are scheduled to take place in 68 countries around the world in commemoration of International Women’s Day

On Saturday March 09th, 2019, Saint Lucian women will join thousands of women around the world who will be celebrating International Women’s Day with Vital Voices Global Partnership Network through their signature event – Global Mentoring Walk. International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political contributions of women around the world. International Women’s Day serves as a call to action to close the gap between progress and potential, in order to accelerate gender parity globally.

Celestial Self Development Centre will once again serve as local flag bearers for this global event for the fifth time. The walk is designed to bring together established women leaders and emerging women leaders to provide mentorship, guidance and support that will empower emerging women leaders to succeed.

The walk serves an opportunity to highlight the importance of women’s leadership, and to accelerate the impact of future women leaders through mentoring. The benefits of women’s mentorship are numerous. It establishes camaraderie, creates gender-friendly environments, promotes a stronger environment for women’s success, and expands horizons for further personal growth as persons explore innovative leadership strategies.

We invite interested women leaders and emerging women leaders to COME PAY IT FORWARD! by registering as Mentors and Mentees for this global event.

This event has always been non-for-profit and sponsored. As employee engagement becomes more and more important in organisations, we invite companies to show their support and appreciation for women leaders in their organisation and in Saint Lucia by not only encouraging female employees to register, but by also sponsoring the event in part or in full.

Media sponsorship is currently being provided by Vybe Radio and Byron Mobile Productions.

The 2019 Global Mentoring Walk is endorsed by the Department of Gender Relations as Part of Saint Lucia International Women’s Day Celebrations.


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