Celestial Self Development Centre has gone virtual

Celestial Self Development Centre has gone virtual

(PRESS RELEASE) — In light of the current COVID-19 situation and the need to continue to maintain social distancing protocols, the management and staff of Celestial SDC have prepared to serve their clients in a live-online virtual setting.

We will continue to deliver live programmes where it is possible to observe all existing protocols as directed by the Ministry of Health. We have the ability to offer both our Soft Skills Training Programs and FranklinCovey Leadership solutions virtually.

We have been delivering private (in-house) live-online virtual training sessions for our clients in two half-day sessions. On June 16, 2020 we partnered with St. Lucia Coalition of Services Industries (SLCSI) and Association of Management Consultants St. Lucia (AMCS) to host our first free live-online webinar titled “Leading in Turbulent Times”, where 94 persons registered and 52 participated.

The program introduced the concept of FranklinCovey’s Change Model and is designed to engage leaders to actively guide their team through the restructuring, crisis, strategic shift, and/or major changes their organisation faces because of COVID-19. It calls for team leaders to step up, reprioritize, and chart a new path toward success.

Here is what some participants had to say about the free webinar:

· “Very good. Much to be considered as leaders now working from home and having to balance the personal and professional.”

· “Thanks for this very helpful session. The level of participation is testimony of the fact that we are all seeking to do better given these challenging times. Leadership is critical.”

· “The Zoom session on Leading in Turbulent Times was very enlightening, inspiring, informative and educational to me. I work within an establishment that seriously needs your expertise in assisting it to navigate the rough waters to ascertain sustainability during these challenging times.”

The feedback received from the webinar has encouraged us to host this event again, to facilitate those who registered but were unable to attend, as well as accommodate other interested persons. To increase our outreach we have partnered with the Caribbean Association of Bankers, St. Lucia Coalition of Services Industries, and Association of Management Consultants St. Lucia. The webinar will take place on Thursday, June 9, 2020 via an online virtual platform.

Our sessions are highly interactive which has become the signature of our approach to training, going virtual has not impacted that competency.

We can be contacted at Celestial Self Development Centre at (758) 453-1924 or email us at [email protected] for more information about our virtual training sessions.

— SOURCE: Celestial Self Development Centre


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