Celebrity poses naked at St. Lucia hotel

Celebrity poses naked at St. Lucia hotel

THE MIRROR (UK) – She’s never been afraid to flash the flesh but model and reality star Joanna Krupa took it one stage further overnight when she posed TOTALLY naked on holiday.

The Real Housewives of Miami star, 37, lost her clothes for a sexy Instagram photo in paradise while enjoying an idyllic holiday to the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

Completely nude, with her hands covering her breasts, Joanna is seen leaning against the door of her balcony admiring the view.

She told fans: “Reflecting on my life while enjoying and being grateful for this gorgeous view.”

A private infinity pool runs alongside the balcony, allowing her to go from bed to pool in seconds, while panoramic views of the Caribbean sea beyond.

Of course, posing naked, many people were admiring a view other than the beautiful location…

One told her: “I’m thankful for the view I’m looking at right now God bless you your breathtakingly beautiful (sic).”

Another said: “Yes, I am also grateful for this gorgeous view… if you know what I mean.”

A third said: “Soo many 10 out of 10s in one photograph I lost tally. Amazing.”

In another photo, the reality star is seen standing on the edge of her infinity pool wearing a bikini, while string at the gorgeous ocean in the distance.

She told fans: “Never fear change. Fear what will be missed because you were afraid of the change. Nothing like a gorgeous setting to recharge your batteries.”

Joanna clearly had an incredible holiday as she later told fans she had travelled the world but never met so many “kind, amazing and caring” people as she had in St Lucia.

Joanna is best known for her appearance in The Real Housewives of Miami, as well as hosting and judging Poland’s Next Top Model.

She also took part in Dancing with the Stars, the US version of Strictly Come Dancing, finishing in fourth place.


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  1. i am not saying what she did was right but first of all i dont see nothing wrong with if the girl want to pose naked cause its her body and not me that is naked. secondly we should appreciate the fact that she took an Instagram photo and she did state that she was in st lucia so all her Instagram trolls commented liked and reposted that thing.trouble is news travels fast. thirdly it was not sno that published the news as you can see the news was most likely all over the uk showed by THE MIRROR (UK) it just so happen st lucia was mentioned so we are seeing it here now.


  2. a whole bunch of shitty comments about someone posing naked....what the hell is wrong with posing naked,u can belly see any of the girl private parts....sometimes i just wana curse out or slap out all you ignorant haters..you all make a big deal out of nothing...smfh


  3. If a local posed naked would she be arrested? Indecency must not be tolerated regardless of who perpetrates it.


    • Well, it is indecency only if it enters the public realm. If you pose naked for your mate (husband or wife) at home, in a remote corner of a beach, or in a remote corner of a park, and you keep the photograph to yourself, this cannot be indecent. Many of us stay naked at some time in our homes. And sometimes we, men, simply tie a bath towel around us when we move around our homes, with absolutely nothing under these towels. So, I suppose, to each his own. Now, let us focus on more important issues, including the upcoming Budget presentation. This is what will more directly and more personally affect us.


  4. And? So? Who cares if you pose naked....
    I do.it in my room.all the time....reflecting on a hard days work while overlooking my yard.. Pic soon to come


  5. Is anything wrong with the pic. Off course come back again, she's right. that's what make a vacation exciting. We must start thinking BIG.


  6. Thank you for visiting.. And hope your stay was grand... Come again...oh and nice silhouette pic.


  7. I thought we as a free society do invite people here to enjoy what we take pride to offer, so as to offer
    our people "jobs" to support their families. This is not SAUDI ARABIA, in case you have forgotten, this
    is the hot Caribbean, as long as you don't break the Law, you're welcomed. COME AGAIN BABY.


  8. A nobody poses naked and they call her a celebrity . St. Lucia accepts anything foreign and white and praises it...


  9. Why did that ugly wanna be fake lip whore pose naked in St.Lucia? That's no celebrity they are just hustling on them creepy shows Housewives my a...


      • Gain....No hating here. I know in some other Country they would consider that as porn not jealous of her money I am thankful for the little I have. I work as a Pediatric Oncology nurse at Memorial Regional Hospital in Fort Lauderdale for the past twenty six years. My problem is Miami is a beautiful City with lots of famous hotels where all the bigger than her celebrities wine and dine with lots of beaches, pools, taller hotels with a view to die for so why take her plastic a.. to St.Lucia and post it all over where our young ones at home can see this. Only back home she can pull that stunt. We have to filter what the tourist bring in, the Suits actor and his lady friend was home last week did they behave so stupid? Have you ever watch Housewives of Atlanta,Miami etc pure filth they hustling each other down for what? Did you remember the incident not too long ago over the elevator at the hotel how them low lives hustlers disrespected our workers even calling them niggers? Again only in St.Lucia thanks for having her back hope and defending her stay smart dumb a.. if you think she's got your you mistaken she will be the first to call the po po on you saying you try to rape or mug her. In the mean time stop being a house negro and uncle tom stand up for what is right if a local like me come home on vacation and pose naked on a veranda I would still be in custody suite be. Look at the real picture here, I just finish reading the New York Daily news and that whore make headline putting us to shame thanks my take,over to you ignoramous.


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