Celebrating World Kidney Day & International Women’s Day

Celebrating World Kidney Day & International Women’s Day

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – St Lucia joins the rest of the world in celebrating World Kidney Day which is a global awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of kidneys.

World Kidney Day & International Women’s Day were commemorated on the same day, March 8th 2018 offering the opportunity to reflect on the importance of women’s health and specifically their kidney health. Consultant Nephrologist, Dr. Merle Clarke provided details on an event held at the constitution Park as part of the celebration.

“What’s going on here today basically is an entrepreneurship workshop of sort just an open air very grand workshop.

Today of course is International Women’s Day and it’s also World Kidney Day, so this here is being put on by the St. Joseph’s Convent in collaboration with the Department of Gender Relations & SLISBA and it’s all about empowering our girls, letting them know that in life it’s not all about becoming a lawyer, becoming a doctor but entrepreneurship, there are many facets to it so here’s what you have, you have several rural women’s organizations and various entrepreneurs displaying what they produce and the girls are helping them out, learning from them what it is like to be in the fields.

But we certainly thought with today being International Women’s Day coinciding with World Kidney Day under the theme “Kidneys & Women’s Health; Include Value, Empower” we thought this was the perfect place to get with, I mean the budding young women our convent girls and with so many people here we’ve come in just to talk a little about kidney health and also to invite everybody to participate in the activity on Sunday, cause World Kidney Day culminates on Sunday with a celebratory sports day which is being put on by the Saint Lucia Renal Association. ”.

Dr. Clarke added that there is a clear need for higher awareness, lifestyle changes and timely diagnosis.

“Taking care the kidney means taking care of yourself and to keep your kidneys healthy which means keeping yourself healthy it is fairly simple and I mean, I think we all know it is just a question of whether we practice it or not basically its keeping your weight in check, drinking adequate amount of water, do not smoke, if you are diabetic or hypertensive ensure that your numbers are in check, your diabetes is under control, your hypertension is under control. Of course diabetes and hypertension makes up 30 percent of chronic kidney disease but the are other pathologies such as Lupus and it’s important for example that we mention that one because this year we are focusing on our women and lupus you see are predominately in women, it is one of the cause of chronic kidney disease.

One of the organs mostly affected by lupus is the kidney 9-1 is the ratio we’re looking at women to men as it pertains to lupus. So it is important that we mention that as another cause which is not easily preventable as diabetes and hypertension but treatable if patients come in and is caught early.So we want to empower our women in that we not only empowering in terms of entrepreneurship but empowering in terms of their health because if you unhealthy you certainly can’t be an entrepreneur anyway, so you can’t support your family and we need our women and society needs our woman they really are the backbones, they drive the country forward and that’s basically why we are here today so happy international women’s day and happy world kidney day to everybody and like I said before see you on Sunday”.

Chronic Kidney Disease is a worldwide public health problem with adverse outcomes of kidney failure and premature death and is currently the 8th leading cause of death in women.


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