Celebrating Excellence at Special Education Centre- Vieux-Fort

Celebrating Excellence at Special Education Centre- Vieux-Fort

176357c9-62b0-4baf-9db1-f96020a2cd55PRESS RELEASE – The Special Education Centre in Vieux Fort is celebrating 25 years of providing service to students with special needs  in the south of the island this year.  

Prior to its opening in November 1991, there was no support facility for families and children with special needs, who resided in Vieux Fort and its environs. Since its inception, hundreds of children and their families have benefitted from the special services provided at the Centre.


Every month, one aspect of life at the Centre will be highlighted on the media to increase public awareness and sensitization to the needs and challenges of the children served at the Centre, their parents  and teachers.

The month of January is dedicated to the achievements of the students at the Centre.  In observance of Nobel Laureate Day,  a programmed dubbed “SPEC  Laureates” was an opportunity to applaud students’ skills and talents. The teachers voted for the students who have the best skill set in a diverse range of areas: cooking, laundry, athletics, football, table tennis, discipline, painting, drawing etc. These students’ pictures were placed on the wall “Celebrating Excellence” with a description of the area in which they excel.



Look out for next month’s highlights on the teachers at the Centre and the love, sweat and tears they put into their jobs on a daily basis.


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