Cedars community still in shock at senseless murder of businessman Stanley Pistol

Cedars community still in shock at senseless murder of businessman Stanley Pistol
Stanley Pistol

(SNO) — Residents of the Cedars neighbourhood in Castries have been left shock at the murder of businessman Stan Pistol, also affectionately known as Mr. Brown.

Pistol was shot multiple times during an alleged robbery on Wednesday, March 13 at his businessvplace, Kross Roads Mini Mart, also known as Ralph’s Supermarket.

“The neighbourhood is heart broken,” one person wrote. “These guys stole the cash register and still shot the man…! This man was such a cool guy to every single person. Hearing his daughter cry last night was just heart-wrenching.

According to the source, his wife was the victim of a robbery at the same mini mart some time ago. It is reported that two individuals carried out the robbery at the time. Interestingly, two masked individual reportedly carried out last evening’s robbery and murder.

“They robbed the wife first then he made sure he was always at the shop with her. Recently they came to rob him and he told them ‘go ahead take what you want’. The two thieves were so shocked they looked at each other and ran off instead, maybe thinking that’s not normal for him to surrender things so easily, and this time they saw it necessary to take the man life … and then run Marchand,” the source added.

Police said in a release Monday that officers responded to the scene at about 8:15 p.m. and that Pistol was transported to Victoria Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead later by a medical doctor, the release stated.

Many persons have expressed shock that the life of such a “nice guy” could have been taken.

“Omg omg smh I can’t even believe this right now,” Shervonne Poleon wrote.

Alex Joseph Stanislas replied, “neither do I. (He) was a very nice guy thou.”

Kimberley Kimz Nelson said she last saw Pistol in February when she visited Saint Lucia.

“Just visited home in February and saw u after a few years…had a laugh and a hug from u and now coming to find out about this….it breaks my heart, u didn’t deserve it, anyone else who knows u knew that u were such a caring and friendly person….my prayers and condolences to ur wife, children and family.”

Chanelle Gervais also commented: R.I.p Mr brown, what money the man had in the shop like that for you’ll to kill him,that’s just sad.”


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  1. Wow a small country like St lucia and all these useless crime,this is getting out of control so what do l do when l come to my country on vacstion run under the bed and hide??????Sadddddddd. Feel sorry for the family may God give you strength


  2. Man unbelievable this man was suxh a gentle giant quiet and reserved the wife was the one who spoke i have been to this shop plenty times you hardly heard him call out your total from the cash register you had to ask more than once the bastards need some serious psalms and when ppl see them walking dirty on the road they feel sorry for them kill the man for stupid 80.00 that finishing when you buy milk and sugar in a supermarket this is so heartless and senseless. Ms B may God be her strength chpzzzzz


  3. And could u believe they only got $80 in the cash register and dropped it close to the marchand bridge by the boulevards, unbelievable with those guys!!!


  4. We need a government who enforce fully independent the law when it come to capital punishment. USA and other states can do it, we can do it also.
    It might bring for a short time an outcry of this so called "good people",but latest when it happen to one of your relatives you change your mind.
    A situation like this is not acceptable for a society when your home have to build like a private prison with burglar bars on windows and doors, need armed security personal or apply for a gun when you operating a business place, it brings a country down.
    A EYE FOR A EYE, and justice need to be executed in reasonable short time, not year after year of postpone.


  5. We all grew up together on the same road,cedars it is the saddest news to hear. So sorry to hear this. he was a gentle giant and quiet individual, never ever heard him loud or offensive. These assholes have to loose the hands that fired this gun, cursed be their souls all the way to val halla


  6. And people like Mary "eyebrows" Francis, will come talk shit about human rights for these criminals...... I say operation wipe out!! Clear these thugs off the street!! One by one.... make them scared of even looking out their own windows!! Take them down!!!!!!!! MFS!!


  7. Year after year, day after day, no end to this menace; it does not seem any thing at
    the present can be done to put an end to this. The penalty as is , is no deterrent for
    these low life criminals; the Law is too soft. It has been high time - for a long time to
    BRING BACK THE NOOSE - YOU KILL - YOU HANG - no if's or but's about it, hang the bastards.


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