‘Ceaseless efforts’ continue to boost Regional development through CSME – CARICOM SG

By Caricom Today

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PRESS RELEASE – Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Ministers with responsibility for Trade began a two-day Meeting on Thursday against the background of greater urgency being attached to consolidating the Community’s gains under the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME).

Addressing the Opening ceremony of the 40th Meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) on Thursday morning at the Pegasus Hotel, Georgetown, Guyana, CARICOM Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque placed emphasis on the progress being made on the CSME in the face of challenges the Community continued to face as a result of the volatile global economic environment.

In our ceaseless efforts to boost our growth and economic prospects, utilising the provisions of the CSME to its fullest, provides us with the best option.  It would allow us to exploit the full potential of our human resources as our skilled personnel move freely throughout the Community.

The easier movement of capital would help to generate much needed investment.  Our trade in goods and services can only be enhanced by the removal of whatever restrictions still remain,” he told the Ministers.

Secretary-General LaRocque also referred to the Secretariat’s continuing quest to improve the efficiency of the CSME systems and processes via the CARICOM Trade and Competitiveness Project, funded by the Canada.

The project aims at improving the operational effectiveness of the Single Market as well as the acces of nationals to their rights under the regimes of the Single Market.

That project would transform and harmonise the administrative practices and procedures under the five regimes of the CSME, and would also provide for the application of web-based technology.

Once this Council takes the necessary decisions, those seeking skills certificates, for example, would be able to do so online in any Member State.  The programme has the added bonus of furthering e-government processes in Member States,” Ambassador LaRocque said.

Matters related to the CARICOM Single Market are among the key agenda items the Ministers will consider.

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  1. The costs for Intra regional are an issue now due to the limited demand for it. An underdeveloped market always results in inefficiencies. If csme can develop to where its founders envisioned the issue of transportation will resolve itself through the market mechanism.
    As for greater independence and a every man for himself approach I think we can take a lesson from the europen union. Had germany and other more conservative eu members been more strict with its members borrowing habits would we have had a debt crisis? Who knows.
    My point is we need a csme leader. A prudent and strong paragon to usher the region to the future.No seems to want to take that mantle as everyone seems preoccupied with thier own problems.

  2. I'm really not convinced about how all this works in practice. The Caribbean is comprised of small islands. In itself, that is a barrier because of the inherent transportation costs. The islands are also ecologically fragile which means a trade off of some sorts need to be made for:

    a) housing
    b) industry
    c) agriculture
    d) and most important - wildlife

    The islands also have different levels of size, education, culture. You just have to look at the politics of the region's cricket team to see the power imbalances.

    The free movement of people is also a concern because of the 4 points above.

    My suggestion would be not to centralise power at the political level but to look to implement policies which boost each island's independence and local co-operation in energy, food security, education and environment protection. The community will only be as strong as the individual pillars holding it up.


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