CDP initiative moves into high gear

CDP initiative moves into high gear

Officials are reporting that a Taiwan-funded Constituency Development Program (CDP) is progressing well, with over $5 million already spent and 120 contracts awarded in this financial year.

The CDP is aimed at infrastructural development and employment creation and has an island-wide span.

According to a press release, a number of communities have already benefited from infrastructural works under the program.

The initiative has kicked off in the constituencies of Castries East and South, Dennery South, Vieux Fort South and Laborie while the Anse La Raye, Micoud South, Castries South and Central, Gros Islet, Babonneau, Soufriere and Vieux Fort North constituencies are next on the list.

All 17 constituencies will be involved, the release states, with works to begin on the remaining four districts shortly after the commenced projects are completed.

The construction of roads, drains, footpaths, retaining walls and steps are some of the aspects of the CDP.

“One of the greatest benefits of the CDP is that it engages community contractors and creates employment for hundreds of residents within the various communities where projects are being implemented,” the release said.

It further stated, “The award of these contracts and implementation of projects will ensure that the Programme meets its primary objectives of creating employment and improving community infrastructure.”

Over $24.0 million has been committed to the CDP in this financial year.


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  1. Why is there a Ministry of Infrastructure when construction of roads and retaining walls are being managed through the Ministry of Finance? a SMART WAY OF JOB FOR THE BOYZZ. A consultant will also be paid to supervise the works and prepare BOQ'S when the gov't hv employees sitting at MIPST doing nothing. WOW


  2. Thats good!!! It was about time. Thats where U.W.P. was killing this Govt. Because they ensured these projects in the Communities were taking place. Putting money directly into the hands of small Contractors who employ young people from the areas where they operate or perform these contracts. This is small-time Economics! Its not just about Macro-Economics. This is what boils down to the small people who put you guys in Office at the end of the day. Not just talking about Tourism. Feed us with work Mr. PM!!!


  3. Everything is hidden and done undercover by the Reps. We know is who knows who and who who wants to give jobs. As KDAnthony said you must be qualified so no malaway will get a job but party haccccccks. I do not care anymore let them d but no vote from me again. KDA has failed us no more.


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