“CDP does not look at colour of constituencies” – Didus Fedee

“CDP does not look at colour of constituencies” – Didus Fedee
Coordinator - Community Development Programme (CDP) Didus Fedee
Coordinator - Community Development Programme (CDP) Didus Fedee
Coordinator – Community Development Programme (CDP) Didus Fedee

Coordinator of the Constituency Development Programme (CDP) Didus Fedee has debunked statements made by Castries South East Member of Parliament (MP) Guy Joseph that constituencies being run by opposition MPs are being victimized by government through the Taiwanese-funded programme.

Fedee told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive interview today, Friday (Dec. 11) that Joseph’s statements calls in to question the credibility of the CDP and his stewardship, despite the records show that the CDP has completed and is in the process of completing several projects in these districts.

“The statement by Mr. Joseph that nothing has been done in his constituency or the opposition has been victimized is false. As we said in a radio programme, the CDP does not look at colour of constituencies…His statement is for political mileage,” Fedee remarked.

The CDP coordinator said within the past four years, some $3.2 million alone was spent for various projects within the Castries South East Constituency, which results in an average of about $800,000 being spent annually.

Joseph has however lamented that the projects that have been done in his constituency have not amounted to half a million dollars for the 4 years that the labour administration has been in power.

But Fedee maintains that this is not true and even went on to explain that when Joseph was minister under the previous government, a mere $232,000 was spent annually on projects within his constituency.

The CDP coordinator told SNO that so far for the year 2015/16 some $1.2 million was spent for different projects in the Castries South East Constituency alone.And for the financial year 2013/14 somewhere between $500,000 and $800,000 was also spent in the constituency.

These projects include the construction of several roads, footpaths, drains and sidewalks, culverts and block wall, among other important community infrastructure.

Communities such as: Goodlands, Bexon, Sarrot, Forestiere, Ravine Poisson and Marc are among some that benefited from these projects.

“So to say that opposition constituencies are not being dealt with is unfair and it cast doubts on the credibility of the programme,” Fedee added.

The CDP coordinator told SNO that for the financial year 2015/16 $620,000 was spent on projects in Micoud North, $1.3 million In Dennery South and $800,000 in Castries North.

Joseph had also mentioned that no desilting was done Bexon, an areaa which is prone to flooding. But Fedee explained that desilting does not fall under the CDP.

“We had taken a position that we would not desilt a drain, unless it involves reconstruction or construction of that drain. So to just take out silt from a river, we are not going to put the Taiwanese money into to that because it is not tangible,” he added.

Fedee noted that the Castries South East MP is actively involved in discussions with him and other CDP staff about the implementation of all the projects within his constituency.


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  1. 1st Y is Infrastructure works not being done by the Ministry of Infrastructure. We employed this guy to do such when the Ministry already paying people to do such. SMH.

    2ND btw How Taiwanese money is spent should not be our business. Our concern should be what those clowns do with our tax paying money. Like my tax money paying La Cobinere and medical bills for Jadia.


    • Another propaganda spewing hack on Slap trying to be relevant. Hope all these moochers are annihilated when change is realized. These morons are the very reasons why our public service and unions are so polarized


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