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CDF and CSA sign agreement

By Vera Leon-Bishop, SNO Correspondent

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Officials of the Civil Service Association and the Cultural Development Foundation sign a new collective agreement at the Labour Department on Friday.

Employees of the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) are now benefiting from an eight percent salary increase following the signing of a new collective agreement between the Foundation and the Civil Service Association (CSA) on Friday.

Just over a dozen employees are benefiting from the pay increase which is spread over the next three years.

Representatives of both parties, along with Acting Labour Commissioner Andrew Quashie, attended the occasion at the Labour Department.

Acting General Secretary of the CSA Wilfred Pierre commended the CDF on such an undertaking which comes at a time when companies are drastically cutting expenses. Pierre said the CDF has recognised that its greatest assets are its human resource.

CDF Executive Chairman Petrus Compton made reference to how smoothly the negotiations went between staff members and the negotiating team, alluding to the fact that as partners this is how it should be.

Compton said the CDF had been engaged since late last year in a major re-engineering of the organisation in order to make it more effective and efficient, and to add value to the lives of the nation.

“This re-engineering has seen us develop a whole new set of positions, new structure, and responsibilities, and within that new configuration (the) signing of a collective agreement with our new partners – the CSA – is very important,” Compton stated. “We are happy this board which I represent is the first board to have signed and entered into a collective agreement. It makes a statement about our commitment to our staff.”

Compton said that throughout the years the CDF has been working very hard despite many criticisms.

“Staff members have been putting their best foot forward. Recognising this, the board had no difficulty in agreeing to what I think is a very comprehensive, as well as a very fair, collective agreement,” he said.

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