CCSS vice principal criticised for bad-talking murdered ex-student (letter to the editor)

CCSS vice principal criticised for bad-talking murdered ex-student (letter to the editor)
CCSS VP: Neal Fontelle

Dear Editor: I would like to share the disgust that I felt on listening to HTS News and hearing the Vice Principal (VP) of Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS) on the death of the ex-CCSS student, Curtis Charlery.

First, as a supposed educator, who for five years had interacted with this young, talented, now-deceased child, I expected something a lot less condescending. Not even the worse criminal deserves to die, shot down on the street like a dog, and far less this 18-year old.

If the VP had nothing good to say, he should have kept quiet. If he could feel no empathy, and had no sense of loss, he should have mouthed the requisite words: “I am sorry to hear about the loss of yet another talented, bright, Saint Lucian young man, we grieve with his family at this time, and ask that the killers be found and brought to justice”. Would that have been too much to ask?

Instead, what did he say? That “he chose his path”. What the hell does that mean? Which path? Does anyone chose to be shot on the street like a dog? Did this young boy deserve to die like this? Is that what the VP meant?

Further, if I was the VP I would not be so quick to talk about all the things that had been done, by his own admission unsuccessfully. You failed this child by your own words. After all you said we tried everything and none of it worked. That Mr. VP gives you and the interventions described a failing grade.

Lastly, I do not know it to be the practice of the Ministry of Education for the files of students and their behaviours to be made available on the street in the manner that I saw disclosed by the VP. I have never heard such a thing before and I though it highly unprofessional and tasteless. Mr. VP should be cautioned to act with more discretion in talking about student’s information, and if I was the mother of Curtis Charley, I would move to sue the school for slander.

I am saddened that young people are dying and those who we expect to be saddened by their passing seem so cavalier.

You should be ashamed of yourself Mr. VP

Unimpressed Saint Lucian


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  1. I sometimes like coming here to see how some of us behind the screen think. It brings me back to the reality that everyone is not like me.

    The VP should have said, "You know, young people out there, take heed. Mr. Charlery was such a handsome some man (I can tell from the picture), he would have grown up to be a model. It's so sad to see such a handsome young man leave us in such an ugly way."


  2. Omg. No wonder st lucia is not going forward. Too many times we like to criticize especially when we think that the victim or victim's families is not high in society. We forget that there is a God up above and vengeance is for him. Instead of taking time to write all those comments which make no sense why don't we take a moment of silence to pray for ourselves,friends ,families , love ones, the youth of the society and even our enemies. Remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places and only the power of Godcan overcome


  3. Good morning Mr. Administrator. Whilst ordinarily I would not be drawn into such discussions, some of the comments make this necessary. First, I was not the author of any letter regarding Curtis' death. Indeed, my only comment thus far has been to express condolences to his father and the rest of the family. I have not spoken with the police either and have instead relied on news stories to keep abreast of this matter. I did know what Curtis did or did not do during his lifetime. In fact, I suspect the vice principal may well be better placed than I am to comment on Curtis' life. Consequently, I take no issue with him commenting on what he knows. If that's how he feels no one should condemn him for what he believes was a true reflection of the person he knew. There are others who saw Curtis differently and these views too should be respected. Nonetheless, a young man has lost his life - that he is my nephew is also painful - and I grieve for all lives lost. But do not bring me into an issue that I have refrained from publicly commenting on.


    • Apparently You were one who was more of a hands-on type. You should at least make sure before you comment you mean sew* as in sewing clothes and surely and not surly- those are two different words.


  4. Before we decipher that the methods of the instistution failed the young man..let us ask where did it stem. It is highly unlikely that the young man adopted these traits overnight. So how may i ask did his family and his advocates like you try to curb his bad habits?
    atleast the school can admit to trying but try fixing a broken mirror and tell me how that works out for you!
    Dear Unimpressed St Lucian, it is unfortunate that he met his demise at such a tender age but be it now or ten years from now, how different do you think the end result be?
    Wake Up!


  5. Sir and/or madam, I would retract that letter and apologise if I were you. Public opinions are against your writing this letter to the VP (maybe rightfully so), two cents!!


  6. I don't usually comment on articles but I just HAD to for this one. I am a past student of the Castries comprehensive school and let me just say that this school brought down my self esteem to 0! I rarely attended school feeling so miserable about myself and believing every bit of crap that was fed to me. The teachers praise top students and look down upon those struggling without offering help. Instead they run to the staff room and gossip about students. My self and many others can attest to that! But I decided to not be one of their victims I am now a strong independent woman who owns her own business. Those in authority need to learn to uplift the youth not bring them down with cruel words. I hate to say it but I hate that school with a passion and from the day I left I have never stepped a foot in their gate. That principle and vice principle need to be over thrown! And some of the teachers..compre is now referred to as "zobbie school


  7. In these times that we live in i expect these things to be played out over and over. People don't learn from the past and hence they same fate befall them and or await many others. This is what i gathered from the message the Vice principal brought out. Actions judge people and the deceased actions judged him. Many live for self and not for serving God an sadly will suffer the same fate. All those people on here speaking untruth and of human nature there is a saying let the dead bury the dead.