CCC Town Clerk terminated after probationary period

CCC Town Clerk terminated after probationary period
Louis Fernand
Louis Fernand
Louis Fernand

PRESS RELEASE – On 19th September, 2016 the Castries Constituency Council appointed Mr. Vaughn Louis-Fernand to the position of Town Clerk on a probationary basis.

The Council however decided not to offer Mr. Louis-Fernand further employment at the end of his probation on 19th December, 2016.

The Castries Constituency Council takes this opportunity to thank Mr. Louis-Fernand for his contribution and wishes him success in all of his future endeavours.


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  1. The great interest and pride that Fernand took in Castries, was going above and beyond for the good of the City. Before meetings, I have personally seen him making tracks around and documenting problems to present to the members. Everyone along Jeremie had a complaint and he always listened with intensity. It was "Hey Vaughn". At the stage of the game Fernand should have long been given the position as Mayor of Castries.


  2. Mat, was this guy doing his job or not? That's what we need to speak of. Don't you think it is time we have competent persons in the right positions. This guy was appointed after elections, why do you think it is vindictiveness? He could have very well not been appointed....I hope this is a message sent out to all civil servants and those who hold senior government offices!


  3. The vindictiveness of Chastenet and his band of merrymen will be the UWPs downfall...carry on with your cost he SLP this election and it will cost you too. Fool!


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