CCC to enforce criminal penalties for public urination, other offenses

By SNO Staff

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Peterson Francis

Peterson Francis

Like most major cities in the world, urinating in the public is illegal, and while this has become a norm for many persons here, this will no longer be tolerated, as persons will face the full force of the law.

The Castries City Council (CCC) will be rolling out new measures to tackle this issue, says Mayor Peterson Francis during a press conference on Monday (Jan.16).

Francis said that effective immediately, persons will be charged and made to pay if they are found urinating, defecating, littering and spitting in the streets, building corners or anyway in the city.

“This will be enforced fully and members of the public are asked to be guided accordingly,” the mayor asserted.

While admitting that it may be one of the toughest battles for the CCC as they aim to improve the standards and aesthetics of the city, he said his office will no longer sit idly by and allow it to continue.

“Over the past years and for some decades now….members of the public have transformed lamp-poles, the back of buildings, around the CDC apartments, the vegetation in the city, and bus stops as public toilets,” he adds.

Francis said there is never a time while walking through the city, where someone is never seen relieving themselves. If not, the odor evidently points to the problem at hand.

“Upon my swearing-in and that of the new councillors, Local Government Minister Fortuna Belrose spoke openly to the problem and she was heavily criticised for it,” he recalled.

But Francis maintains that it cannot be denied that the city has become a “pit-stop,” and maybe the largest one in the entire eastern Caribbean region.

The city, according to the Mayor, has several comfort stations all of which could be utilised.

They include locations such as: High Street (to the back of the CCC), Lower Jeremie Street (near Customs), Jeremie Street Plaza, Faux U Chaux, Pavee, New Village, Leslie land, Wilton’s Yard, Marchand; and one soon to be commissioned in Marchand Boulevarde.

Francis said while the facilities are limited, the CCC hopes to build a few more in the city soon.

Meanwhile, in addition to implementing measures to tackle urinating and defecating in the city, the CCC will also charge persons for loitering, indecent exposure, walking in the city bare-back, illegal parking, trucks carrying good uncovered those carrying debris to dump; cement trucks which dump cement on the streets; van hauling lumber and other materials without red flags at the end.

“You will be charged according to the Litter Act Chapter 6.05 Revised Laws of Saint Lucia 2008, and the Criminal Code, Chapter 3.01 Revised Laws of Saint Lucia 2013,” he explained.

Persons will be charged from EC$150 to EC$1,500, and in some cases where the law dictates, they could face six months in prison.

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  1. Please provide public service announcements so the public is aware of it.

  2. Second the announcement. If we have to use force let us do it. So put a promo on Sam flood our people need to hear.

  3. lots of cocot and lowlow all over da place. nice to see..

  4. Yea good job l leave out of St Lucia for little while and if their fine you peeing anywhere in public they call it indecent exposure and you will be arrested in jail.

  5. This is all over the place. It should be made a law for the entire country not only the City.

    People (especially males) behave like male dogs just raising their hind legs all over the dam place.

  6. all that is true, using the city as a public toilet, BUT francis have to also bear in mind, when these comfort station’s closed at 4:30 pm, after that time where will people thats in town use to urine, what you want people to do? will they pee on them? so u can continue to enforce the iaw, but, also employ more people to work deferent shiffs as late as possible.

  7. It was time that this was implemented

  8. Taking a chapter from New York ..Major Giuliani. .. careful. .that can be dangerous. .. we are a different society and culture. … Boh

  9. It is about time. It is a disgrace to see how many men piss where ever they want to. I see it daily on the drive to and from work. The country is not a public toilet. I have even seen little kids piss right on a main road and their parents stand by and watch as if it is normal and accepted. It is disgusting.

    • The amount of women i see spitting out gum, peeing and shitting in the streets. Unbearable. They think they can just do it where they want. Women need to learn more manners.

      See how it sounds when u act as if one gender is responsible?

  10. Good stuff. Please do something about the illegal vending AND the vending under the CDC. Vendors take up all the sidewalks in that location forcing people to walk in the streets. This causes a problem for vehicles near that area by the marketing board. And do something about the noise pollution in the city too.

  11. with littering which has become a big problem in our one “simply Beautiful” St. Lucia, we need to think outside the box.. saw a video once where people would be rewarded for reporting litterbugs. Those reported would be charged. People would refrain from littering altogether.. please look into having program like this. Provide a number which people can send through pictures or email address as prof.

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