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Caribbean told to brace for 11 storms in 2015

By CMC/Jamaica Observer

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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) – The US-based National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting six to 11 named storms for the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season even as regional disaster officials warned Caribbean countries not to become complacent.

NOAA said of the 11 named storms, six could become hurricanes and two major hurricanes in excess of winds of 111 miles per hour (mph).

“The main factor expected to suppress the hurricane season this year is El Niño, which is already affecting wind and pressure patterns, and is forecast to last through the hurricane season,” said Dr Gerry Bell, the lead seasonal hurricane forecaster with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.

“El Niño may also intensify as the season progresses, and is expected to have its greatest influence during the peak months of the season. We also expect sea surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic to be close to normal, whereas warmer waters would have supported storm development.”

Executive Director of the Barbados-based Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) Ronald Jackson is urging regional countries to be fully prepared for the 2015 season.

“I am particularly peeved that the focus on climate change has largely been heavy on clean technology energy efficiency, which is important because that is also going to be a major game-changer for our economies, but we have not seen a requisite focus on the areas of preparedness for response,” he said.

Jackson said that while the region would not be spared the impact of climate change it was vital to look at the related effects such as increases in vector related issues like mosquito borne illnesses and more weather related issues including floods and droughts and put systems in place to address these.

“But we are not investing in the ability to cope with these expected scenarios, we are not increasing the capacities of our first responder core such as our fire fighters, (or) our health services,” he said.

He acknowledged the financial problems facing Caribbean countries, but nevertheless felt that more could be done as individual states and as a region to prepare for such occurrences.

He adopted a similar stance regarding the general level of preparation for emergency situations at the national level, insisting that “the area of preparing for response has not been one that has benefitted from significant investment of resources, either nationally or in the broader program in the region.

“This is one of the reasons that CDEMA has actually positioned preparedness and response as one of its major priority programs that it would be seeking to have resourced to ratchet up the level of preparedness in our member states,” he added.

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  1. Climate change an Illuminati New World Order agenda to usher in the One World Government. At first, it used to be called Global Warming but when they realised the globe hasn't warmed since 1998 and the public would realise the lie, the IPCC panel (Intergovernmental Protocol for Climate Change) agreed to change the name of the agenda from global warming to climate change. Do your research and don't condemn and dismiss my comments as a conspiracy theory just because this kind of information is outside of your circumference of knowledge.

    • I agree with you.  Do you think what goes on at CERN is playing havoc with our weather / earthquakes also? CERN says 2015 is year of 'illumination'.   Not happy about CERN or NWO etc.

      • CERN is purely satanic in its true motives. It as well as HAARP is causing havoc to our weather which "they" turn around a say it's because of climate change. Anyone like you and I who isn't brainwashed by the corrupt mainstream media can connect the dots and see exactly how this sinister game works!

    • mr A....U KNOW WHT U SAYIN....I THOUGHT EVERYBODY IN ST LUCIA WAS SHEEP!!.......ONE WORD FOR U THO.......H.A.A.R.P.....manipulating the weather since the there they just fast foward the process....ppl urll neva chk hurricanes...and other so called NATURAL DISASTERS! like poor people...smh....ppl wake plz!!!!!!!!

      • I've done some extensive research on the Illuminati, NWO, HAARP, CERN, the satanic reptilian bloodline families like the British Royal family, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers who control the world through religion, finance, politics and the media and a lot more. Trust me it's very sickening when you go deep into the rabbit hole. Sad to say 99% of people are still asleep and dismiss you as a crazy person when you mention these things because they are so mind-controlled by the system.

        • My research took me to those reptillian bloodlines also.  They own everything (pharmaceuticals, banks, governments, gmo products, etc).   'They' orchestrated this financial disaster in order to enslave us all and to distract us (along with trivia on tv) from what the bigger picture holds. They are moving their plan forward swiftly now.  Jade Helm action in usa is part of their plan.  Is the Georgia Guidestones their moto for when they finally take over (without the majority of us)?  I also like to keep an eye on the sky.   People are starting to wake up - but sadly not the majority.

  2. keep your culture!!

    take heed we must be prepared!!


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