CBA set for Lucian Carnival 2016

CBA set for Lucian Carnival 2016

9adb63e4-c8db-4257-b8f7-0744abea86afPRESS RELEASE – It’s here…the highly anticipated St.Lucian Carnival, quite possibly the grandest cultural event on the island’s itinerary.

However months away, it may appear that this statement is a bit premature but the truth is though it’s already here. As the CBA has recognized that an early start on carnival planning is eminent for its success.

The CBA held its first extraordinary meeting of the association, with some key items on the agenda. With key topics being discussed and the election of a new executive on the agenda, it was clear that planning mode had turned into action. Ms. Sonia Sifflet presided over the meeting highlighting the successes of last year and the optimism moving forward. With this brought new blood and insight to carry on the mantle for all members associated with the election of the following post.

CBA 2016 – 2017 newly elected Executive includes:
President Cuthbert St.Juste, Vice President Anthony Reece, Secretary Jenella Gaston, Treasurer Christian Hippolyte, Press Relations Officer Rohan Rachide Lovence, and Floor Members Barry George & Aleric James.

The new executive is confident and excited with regards to getting the ball rolling, citing that time is of the essence as the climate of St.Lucian Carnival has changed dramatically over the years.

The executive would like to highlight and recognize the work done by the past executive and look forward to delivering the right representation for all members and to wider public where carnival bands are concerned.

The newly formed team would like to take this opportunity to highlight and show their support for St.Lucia’s very own Teddyson John. A multiple Groovy King winner, he has taken St.Lucia on the international stage throughout his career. Now taking it to another level by making waves in Trinidad with his contagiously infectious hit “Allez”. The CBA speaks on behalf of all members and St.Lucia by pledging its support and gratitude for what Teddyson has done and continues to do for St.Lucia Soca regionally and internationally.


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