Cayman Islands curfew has been lifted

Cayman Islands curfew has been lifted

(GRAND CAYMAN GIS) – Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin announced during today’s (5 May 2020) COVID-19 press briefing that the hard curfew in Little Cayman has been lifted, effective tonight. It comes as the Chief Medical Officer Dr John Lee explained that 94% of Little Cayman has now returned negative results.

Dr Lee also reported three positive and 221 negative results.

His Excellency the Governor encouraged Costa Rican nationals to avail themselves of the evacuation flight this Friday, 8 May. Another flight to Honduras will also take place on Friday and further efforts to arrange outbound travel to other destinations remain underway.

Finally, the Health Minister marked the Cinco de Mayo holiday, before stating that an announcement will soon be made regarding health insurance. He stressed that landscapers wishing to use the landfill to dispose of green waste must carry correct documentation, including an exemption letter from the competent authority.

Chief Medical Officer Dr John Lee reported:

The staged “unlocking” process allows government to continually reassess the threat level and make decisions based on the risk at that time.

COVID-19 is likely to still be present in Grand Cayman; the disease may resurface and the numbers start to climb again. That is why there is a staged unlocking process.

We continue to increase testing, to detect whether there is COVID-19 present in order to make informed decisions.

94% of Little Cayman’s population has returned negative test results; we are still waiting for a few more results to come through.

Today there are a further three positive cases: one case was a contact of a known positive person, but two others were discovered positive from the screening programme. All of these positives were on Grand Cayman.

Of 224 results reported today, those three are positive, the remaining 221 are negative.

48 of those results were tested through Doctors Hospital.

The total number of cases now stand at 78 positives, with 8 symptomatic; 35 asymptomatic; 2 admitted at Health City (admitted for other causes) and 30 recovered. These numbers continue to improve across the board.

Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin said:

The curfew in Little Cayman will be revoked, effective this evening, i.e. the hard curfew from 8 p.m. – 5 a.m. on Monday – Saturday and all day on Sunday will no longer apply.

Cabinet has promulgated a new set of regulations: Prevention, Control and Suppression of COVID-19 Regulations (2020) which will lift the most recent regulations from Little Cayman.

As soon as the regulations are gazetted, the only provisions that will relate to Little Cayman with respect to the soft curfew or shelter-in-place provisions are the rules related to physical or social distancing. These include the maintenance of six feet between persons indoors in a public place and the owner/operator of a public place must restrict the number of customers inside that public place at any one time so the customer is able to distance themselves by six feet.

Masks are mandated in enclosed, public places in Little Cayman.

Travel between the Islands is restricted to essential personnel, as designated by the competent authority. Additionally, other travellers to Little Cayman will need to quarantine for 14 days on Grand Cayman or Cayman Brac, be tested and return negative results before they will be allowed to enter Little Cayman. The borders are otherwise closed.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and as we celebrate mothers it is hoped all mothers get a well-deserved break from daily routines. Order a meal from a restaurant and have it delivered. Also , florists are able to deliver on Mother’s Day as they have been granted a special exemption. Other businesses offering delivery of similar goods can apply for a special exemption at

AL Thompsons and Kirk Home Centre will be open for drive-through collection of pre-ordered goods. Other home stores can also apply for this exemption from the competent authority website:

His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Martyn Roper said:

Positive results among frontline staff are concerning, but not completely unexpected.

RFA Argus was visible offshore today and her helicopters have been exercising today with the RCIPS, a very impressive sight. They are now departing for other shores.

We are doing everything we can to help on flights; more British Airways air-bridges will be arranged.

He acknowledged people’s concerns, especially those worried about access to educational institutions in the UK, USA and Canada.

There is a flight this Friday, 8 May to Costa Rica, with seats available. Costa Rican nationals should avail themselves of this opportunity.

The Honduras flight, also on Friday, 8 May, will bring a small number of Caymanians and permanent residents back. You will be able to book to return on that flight from tomorrow.

Two shout-outs: to the pastors who spent 72 hours fasting and praying for the well-being and health of all.

Also to Sue Winspear, the Auditor General, and the 28 public sector entities who met the 30 April statutory deadline and received unqualified audit opinions. Special thanks to HSA who met that deadline in spite of the challenges currently going on.

Health Minister Dwayne Seymour said:

He recognised Frank E. Flowers for his prayer offerings at today’s briefing.

He observed the Cinco de Mayo celebration today.

Shout out to the NAU staff for their dedication to helping vulnerable persons.

Progress has been made in ongoing discussions about telemedicine, including with healthcare providers and the Health Insurance Commission. An announcement will be made later this week with regards health insurance.

An electronic database has been set up to track key supplies available nationally and provide real-time information about PPE on hand. It is managed by the Deputy Auditor General. Data has been provided by the Chief Financial Officer of the HSA. The register will be circulated to partners within two days.

The DEH wants to encourage landscapers to dispose of green waste at the landfill, but those persons must have their exemptions acknowledged through Curfewtime. Please refer to Only one vehicle at a time will be permitted to enter the drop-off area. All persons must provide ID and documentation at the request of staff. Businesses must be exempted and have the proper documentation.

The alphabet system applies to the wider public disposing of waste at the landfill.

Hazard Management Cayman Islands Director Danielle Coleman announced:

365 persons have been isolated in five government facilities.

125 persons are currently in the facilities, including 12 from the military assistance team from the UK.


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