Catherine Sealys called upon to apologise for “shameless” behaviour

Catherine Sealys called upon to apologise for “shameless” behaviour
Catherine Sealys
Catherine Sealys

PRESS STATEMENT – Women in Action has deemed it necessary to issue a statement on the recent display of what many deem to be shameless and unbecoming behavior exhibited by Ms. Catherine Sealys during the August 3rd edition of the RCI News Talk Show programme, Newsspin.

Our statement is prompted by reaction among our membership and numerous queries and feedback from women and others who urged that we say something.

Women in Action has been engaged in tireless work to empower women and project their dignity as partners to their male counterparts and leaders in their own right. WIA is mindful that the fabric of our society is woven from the quality of fiber that finds source in our family values and social interaction. It is for this reason that we remain concerned over all forms of discrimination, aggression and violence against women and children in our society.

We believe that our leaders and public figures are agents of constructive values and should stand as responsible and positive examples of behavior. Aggression from Men and women are not acceptable and should not in any way be tolerated. Women who present themselves as leaders in helping marginalized groups, i.e. women, children, differently abled or challenged should be the best that they can be.

It was quite apparent that the behavior manifested by Ms. Catherine Sealys during the August 3rd programme fell woefully short of what is expected from someone who purports to work towards advancing the welfare of women and children. It is evident that many abhor her shameful display.

Women in Action call upon Ms. Catherine Sealys to issue a public apology in relation to her behavior during the August 3rd programme. Our call is consistent with a request made by many. In the absence of Ms. Sealys concurrence, we invite fellow directors or founding members to do so on behalf of the organization.

It is an ugly trait when we are overly sensitive, insisting on reading the wrong intention in what people do, insist on taking offense when persons didn’t mean no harm. Hurting our own self by creating unnecessary tension causing people to pull away from you and the organization or cause that you seek to represent.

Women who advocate for women or people are to be examples of discipline, poise, and self- control. We need to understand that the youth, women, children are looking up to us and therefore our attitude can cause the public to begin to raise questions about which ever organization we represent and what we stand for.

It is our hope that this call will serve as an impetus for reflection by Ms. Catherine Sealys and Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia. WIA is convinced that even as we are driven by commitment and passion that we can Raise our voices with Dignity and Respect.


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  1. selective selective selective. Where was WIA when J Compton openly said that E. Joseph tried to rape her. Who emphathized with her?


  2. selective selective selective. Where was WIA when J Compton said Mr Ezechiel tried to rape her? selective selctive.. gets me on my nerves!!


  3. great press release. Very timely! Everywhere Sealys go she is toxic. She has her own personal agenda which she seeks to push under the guise of advocating for women and children with disabilities.

    P.S. WIA please let a qualified editor edit your PR before sending it out. Too many grammatical mistakes.


  4. As a man listening to your program I felt disgusted by such comments and behavior made by a woman who always cry and shout for equality and women rights. You are no example. I would not encourage any woman to be part of your organization.


  5. Well Well Catherine Raise your Voice should consider having you as an affiliate!

    It seems like trouble follow you every where!


  6. WIA have been working for the women, however I believe they are not making it public, do you know they have started relationships with the ladies at the Boredalaise facility, do you know they were instrumental in donating prizes to the Bordalaise correctional literary competition which was recently held, do you know they have been having seminars for the youth and women. I love WIA approach they don't seem to speak on issues which they don't have facts on also you are preparing our family who are incarcerated to be back in society. WIA I am not in anyway affiliated to you but I have been following some of your work. But equally I believe you need to make the public know of the work you have been doing. My family has been impacted by your work. Thank you WIA


  7. Where was this passionate response with the Ubaldus saga? a young woman's reputation was destroyed to save a powerful man political career. This is a serious common issue women face all the time, yet your group were silent. However, when a women speaks up for poor disabled children with a vigour and passion. Your group tries to kill the messenger by mansplaining she is being "overly-sensitive". When a man shows this behaviour he is viewed as powerful. As female impowerment organisation, WIA are total disaster


    • WIA stand up for what is right. Your Organization is not there to be GOD. first take the mote from your eyes. Not many women are willing to stand up in St Lucia because you all do not know how to leave politics and guide Policy in the direction. go girl....


  8. What does that have to do with Ubaldus? If the man wanted to have sex with an 18 year old woman what wrong with that? Most of you have children by that age. You honestly believe that an 18 year doesn't know about sex and the consequences? If the woman now wants to extort for sex then are you saying that there is nothing wrong with that too? Is that the principles that you want to put forward? Well then is it moral to have anyone charged with rape in Government? What does your morals say?

    We must never put what we think are our morals above what is legal because some of the worst atrocities could be moral to some people or the actual perpetrators.

    Catherine Sealys is a bitter woman and there's no place for such behavior. What would you think if Johnson Charles had cursed the empire for giving him out wrongfully in the first T20? Thinking that you are right does not mean that you have to be disrespectful, especially to people calling a talk show.

    You people should stop playing useless politics and analyze issues properly. If you want people to obey morals then write it down, on the other hand if they are insulting and disrespectful then they need to curb their enthusiasm and apologize.


  9. Request an apology and let it be; but the to request an apology and add all these "we are better than you" talk throws the spotlight on in action of WIA. Now the lines are blurred. Who should be really making an apology?


  10. Wow!!! Catherine Sealys is the BIGGEST issue in this country.....She is so important that a whole press release was dedicated to her.....#ThePiedPiper


  11. Great move WIA. Let's not miss the point here. Wrong is wrong and Catherine's behaviour on that day was unprofessional bottom line. Some of us get on as if we support this....what example are we setting for our children??? Baldus was wrong as well and has to take his licks for it. Wrong is wrong. Great job WIA


  12. I cannot seem to understand why we are bashing WIA and not saying that Catherine's behavior was out of control and aggressive. People we need to understand this woman has a problem. Raise your voice seems to be just like ONE she is the only one speaking is that the case. I saw there was a conversation with petra nelson and Catherine which clearly indicates that she only thinks of herself and not the organization which she claim to represent.


  13. Bottom line. This woman is shameless. A poor excuse of a woman who shouldn't be allowed on the airwaves. PATHETIC BEHAVIOUR. For any one who supports her or affiliates with her, you are just as shameless.


  14. An issue is been made about statements which may or may not have been made by Ms Sealy. What about the issues affecting our women and children, where single mothers are made unemployed due to petty politics, which in turn affects the livelihood of their families. Where those who are to protect our children are the same ones abusing them. What about our family court system, where those without the means are denied justice and child support system is in shambles.

    If you want to be the voice of women and children in this country lead the charge for change in all aspects, not when it suits you.

    Why make an issue with what was said by Ms Sealys, was she representing WIA. Was what she was referring to incorrect? Then correct her if she is wrong, not berate her in public. Disgraceful.

    Start doing what you have purported, and stop been a puppet


  15. Maybe you all that are condemning the press release by WIA should look at the St. Lucia news online press release May 31st 2016 done by Catherine. When people spoke of Catherine aggressiveness and how she is not fit to be the front of any organization.. So I do agree with the call from WIA for an apology.


  16. This is the tone of "Women in Action" - body that advocates on behalf of women. No group which speaks to the interest of women would have written something so derogatory, discourteous, rude, impolite and abhorrent. I am appalled that such a this missive is a product of a group which advocates for women. While I do agree that Ms. Sealy ought to hold a higher standard I will never respect the tone with which this was written-it is at best déclassé-a case of pot calling kettle black. I have no doubt if your were a group which seriously advocated on behalf of women you would have addressed the matter more succinctly.

    I implore that "Women In Action" raise it own standards. It is these vary same groups that lay claims to men disrespecting women. WIA may I ask what your position on the Ubaldus matter? Where is your voice on domestic abuse, chikd abuse and other matters that afflict the society . The Catherine Sealy's matter and other malaises are minuscule when juxtaposed against the Ubaldus Raymond matter and cancers that have eroded the morals that once formed the fabric of the society....matters on which your voice has been abysmally silent.

    if you wish to speak on matters of women you ought to do so without any mask of race, colour, class, creed or political bias or to adopt an approach disrespects and belittle that you seek to represent - rather you should speak from a position of principle and conviction.

    This message is a classic case of if you can't attack the message you attack the messenger---typical of the functional illiteracy that grips small island minds.

    Let me say that you do not speak for me as a woman....for your missive echoes that of "women subjugated by men".


    • That's the best crap I have ever read....WIA has the right to ask for apology on behalf of women it looks to me the person in question is your family friend or something ....whatever we represent we must represent with the utmost respect I am not condemning her but an apology is necessary. We forgive brush behind and move on.Lucian's like to accept wrong because of whatever side of the fence they're on wrong is wrong people


    • I am in agreement with you. This is very rude tone. Why dont we hear more of WIA on more pertinent issuses of the countrg. Surely ms Sealy was aggressive etc however somestimes you are so passionate about something that when it looks a mess you may let emotions take over. But WIA AT THE RATE DEH ZOT PLI WORSE!!!!


  17. "We believe that our leaders and public figures are agents of constructive values and should stand as responsible and positive examples of behavior." I suppose y'all are postulating that UWP leaders are paragons of morality. But when people ask questions regarding Ubaldas (balls in his hand) y'all come out and say "throw morality out the window" and let the courts determine the outcome. WIA, THE COURTS ARE NOT THE ARBITOR OF MORALITY! Therefore, Ubaldy must resign since he is one of those leaders whom y'all claim are "responsible" and "positive examples".


  18. No Nigus wrong is wrong and must always be condemned. Forget the messenger and deal with the message.