Land Investment Opportunity: Cas En Bas (near Cap Cap Estate). Residential/Tourism Commercial Land. Five 20,000 sq.ft lots available. Price at: EC$8 – EC$10 per Sq.Ft. Call: 730-4002


“St. Lucians really care about dolphins? Since? The hypocrisy…” (letter)


Dear Editor. I am a St. Lucian and St. Lucians make me shame to call myself  St. Lucian sometimes. Our political blindess have transformed our behaviour into the lowest levels of hypocrisy and dumbness. From my recollection, a dolphin park proposal was introduced, proposed, approved (what-ever you call it) under the Kenny Anthony led-administration in 2014. No one complained. No ...

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Open letter to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force


“To provide a professional policing service and in partnership with all communities to create a safer environment for all people in St. Lucia” – the mission statement which can be found on the website of Helen’s national security team. Why then is it the loud cry of many locals and foreigners alike that there is a dearth of the aforesaid? ...

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Letter writer Sharon Frederick asked to contact St. Jude Hospital


Dear Sharon Frederick: St Jude Hospital is aware of your letter posted on St Lucia News Online and dated February 14, 2017 regarding concerns about the service at our hospital. We are sorry to learn of the experience of your parents. St Jude Hospital takes our responsibility to providing the best possible care to our patients very seriously and actively ...

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“I saw death in front of me…” how the YPG helped me


LETTER TO THE EDITOR – My life since growing up wasn’t easy and because of that I started drinking at the age of 13 years-old, my parents use to drink and I learnt from them. At the age of 18 I started smoking marijuana and right after I got invited by a friend at work to join in a gang and I ...

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The Mindoo Park is in a deplorable state! (letter to the editor)


The Annual National Sports Awards will be held on February 18th, 2017 where our outstanding athletes from the various sports will be recognized for their achievements over the last year.   Persons will be well coiffed in their best outfits.  We will no doubt be treated to long speeches reminding us how important our athletes are, how much we value ...

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Corporal punishment – Is it proper? (Letter to the editor)


LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Corporal punishment is defined by one dictionary as “physical punishment, such as caning or flogging.” Merriam Webster Dictionary defines corporal punishment as “punishment that involves hitting someone.” Corporal punishment has been a subject of much controversy in Society as to whether or not it is right. Of course, Almighty God is in the BEST position ...

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Stop using indecent language! (letter to the editor)


Dear Editor: How would you feel if someone were to tell you, “Look! I see rotten vegetables and fish coming out of your mouth!” Most likely you will get highly upset, or very angry with the person who tells you so. Do you know that when you use indecent language (Cursing Bad words) the Bible compares it to having rotten vegetables and fish coming ...

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Overhanging mango trees a danger to motorists (letter to the editor)

2016-05-17 11_33_45-Mango Season.docx - Google Docs

Every year mango lovers eagerly anticipate the mango season. I am longing to have a Julie!! While some drool over the different types they will feast on, motorists dread this time of year. Each mango season we see a motorist on TV complaining about a broken windscreen. Where are the relevant authorities to ensure that over hanging branches are trimmed ...

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Stranger danger? (Letter to the editor)


A lullaby in a mother’s cry; A drunkard’s tears; A soldier’s plea not to let him die; A victim’s prayer why me why me. Honest cries of a breaking heart are better than a hallelujah sometimes. Beautiful the mess we are to the ear who listens and is ever ready to help. Amy Grant sang it best in her song ...

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The voice of youth must be heard (Letter to the editor)


Youth crime is one of the most serious issues of our time; the huge increase in recorded crime over the past few months have been affecting us all. Everyone has recommendations on what must be done to avoid the violence which is going  on yet no one shows interest in finding out what really can influence someone to resort to ...

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We cannot live like prisoners (letter to the editor)


Dear Editor:  I am writing this letter so that you can bring more awareness to the public, to be alert of vehicles on the road, and people in their surroundings. I am a female driver and was followed by a green 1995 model Mitsubishi Lancer two days ago on my way home from work in the afternoon.  It was not ...

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Drink long and deep of the champion spirit (letter to the editor)


The depth of character of the West Indian people that Darren Julius Garvey Sammy, the West Indies cricket captain, hero and world class champion speaks of is yet to be understood by most. Those who strut with heads held high and noses jutting upwards, as well as those who toe the lines of political correctness may have come closest to ...

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Happy Independence St. Lucia

Felicia Browne.

PRESS RELEASE – Our 37th year of independence is yet another momentous period in our history as a people. We are united by the spiritual and cultural heritage of a nation imbued with collective perseverance, resilience and a great sense of gratitude. As a people, St. Lucians are known for their innate intellect and moral enlightenment. We St. Lucians live ...

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Independent, I am


Growing up on this small democratic island called Saint Lucia gives me the privilege to become who I am today. My country Saint Lucia, known as “The Helen of the West Indies” is not only the most luxurious island in the Caribbean but is the most outstanding island known for its heritage sites. Haven’t you seen those; twin majestic peaks ...

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Job well done, Commissioner (letter to the editor)


  Dear Editor: The front page news of “The Weekend Voice” dated 13th Feb 2016 informs of the retirement of the acting commissioner of the police, Enrol Alexander’s retirement in April. I think Mr Alexander should be commended for a job well done. His acting appointment came at a time when if one had to go by what was stated ...

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So long, Shiv… (Letter to the editor)

Chanderpaul. *Photo credit: *Photo credit: Sky Sports

Dear Editor: Another of the stalwarts and great champions of the Test match era has called – rather was forced – to call time on his great career that spanned over two decades. To true connoisseurs of  real, attritional Test match cricket at its best, this is an irreplaceable loss, the end of a golden era….Shall we see the likes ...

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IMPACS and Magdaleena (letter to the editor)


Dear editor: Let me start by saying what I think every, if not most right thinking and patriotic Saint Lucians will agree with, that is, the resolution of the IMPACS issue is of utmost importance to the general well-being of this country and should be brought to closure as soon as possible. This matter has been politicized too much by ...

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A comforting message to those thinking of suicide (Letter to the editor)


The news of another suicide is concerning. Unfortunately; young men taking their lives have become so common place that it’s hardly alarming anymore. The tragedy that one’s circumstances could feel so hopeless that their only way out is death is so heartbreaking.  I too can relate to the feeling of not wanting to be alive. Often times it’s even hard ...

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“We are getting mentally unstable day by day, but who cares?” – Lambirds students begging to go home

Lambirds Academy students meeting United Workers Party members earlier this year.

Below is a letter submitted exclusively toSt. Lucia News Online on behalf of the students who were left stranded in Saint Lucia as a result of the Lambirds Academy criminal case. Dear Editor: Firstly, we wholeheartedly like to thank all the St. Lucians for the help, support and encouragement they have given us. Now, after all the twist and turns ...

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Victor, Victoria needs help! The DPP’s office is crippled by lack of manpower (letter to the editor)

Victor (left) and Victoria (right)

Dear Editor: ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ is probably the most fitting phrase that could adequately describe the situation with the St. Lucian justice system where news that a number of persons have been on remand for up to 10 years without a trial have become the norm – ‘stale news’. Public pleas by members of the local judiciary over the ...

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Letter from a disgusted member of society


Dear Editor: I’m not sure, but am I normal? Am I not like most people? Is it rare to find people like me? I suddenly get this strong urge to write this letter. I’m writing in disgust. I cannot stop myself from doing it because my human nature takes full control. While this happens, my eye starts to twitch a ...

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Stop littering your country St. Lucians (letter to the editor)


LETTER TO THE EDITOR – St. Lucia is perhaps the most beautiful island in the Caribbean and is a country which has so much to offer for tourists who travel from all around the world to enjoy this splendor. The people of St Lucia also enjoy all the natural majesty this island offers; it truly is their most valuable asset. ...

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Is our drinking water safe? Please assure us (letter)


Dear Editor: The residents of Micoud are consumers who drink and cook with WASCO water. Among us are vulnerable groups such as babies, the pregnant, elderly and the sick. School students tend to drink directly from the tap. For the second time in two weeks Micoud residents have been very concerned about the safety of drinking water extracted by the Micoud ...

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Disappointment with SALCC (letter to the editor)


Dear Editor:  I am writing to express my disappointment in Sir Arthur Lewis Community College department of Hospitality Studies department . My daughter is now illegible  to graduate  this year due to lecturers failing to perform their duties. My daughter along with many others weren’t sent to a second internship due to school’s lack of involvement of finding them a ...

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Congratulations Saint Lucia National Trust – 40 years anniversary (letter to the editor)


Dear Editor: As a founding member of The Saint Lucia National Trust, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate our organization for its contribution to the protection of Fair Helen’s patrimony for forty years. Our people should be aware that among the principal objectives of the Trust to advocate and promote the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of ...

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Enough with the scams. Don’t play with my emotions! (letter to the editor)


Dear Editor: Wherever hardships prevail there undoubtedly will be entrepreneurs. Not the sort that are innovative; concerned about finding a solution and developing a resilient spirit to help their fellow man, along with their own circumstances. These business moguls are opportunists of the worst sort. When there is war, they sell arms to all sides. During an epidemic, they offer ...

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CCSS vice principal criticised for bad-talking murdered ex-student (letter to the editor)

CCSS VP: Neal Fontelle

Dear Editor: I would like to share the disgust that I felt on listening to HTS News and hearing the Vice Principal (VP) of Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS) on the death of the ex-CCSS student, Curtis Charlery. First, as a supposed educator, who for five years had interacted with this young, talented, now-deceased child, I expected something a lot less condescending. Not even the worse criminal deserves to die, shot ...

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An open letter to Yana Auguste, victim of gender-based violence


Dearest Yana: This is my first open letter and some of the most personal feelings I have ever expressed in writing. Your death caused me deep despair and grief, as have so many brutal assaults on other young women in the past. Though I have never met you, many people have expressed their love and admiration for you. I want you ...

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Why we are not serious about agriculture (letter to the editor)


As a current applicant for a Taiwanese scholarship to study tropical agriculture, I found the recently announced list of accepted Caribbean nationals extremely disturbing. For me, it represented another example of how opportunities for higher education in agriculture are limited. This has left me and so many talented and motivated students in St. Lucia discouraged about pursuing agriculture as a ...

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Minister Dalson – The Self-Declared “Free” Stooge (letter to the editor)

Harold Dalson *

Dear Editor: Saint Lucia is indeed in dire straits when a Minister of Social Transformation, Community Empowerment and Local Government can stand on a public platform and shamelessly declare himself a “stooge”, “a proud stooge of the Prime Minister”, at that. My dictionary defines a stooge as a person who serves merely to support or assist others, particularly in doing ...

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Solution to reducing the prison population (letter to the editor)

Bordelais Correctional Facility

Dear Editor: We have all noticed that Bordelais is overcrowded! Many say it is because of the slow judiciary system in St. Lucia. Of course, I agree. Why is there only one judge to deal with so many criminal cases? It’s high time the government recommence the court processes at Bordelais. As a concerned St. Lucian I have one solution ...

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