Castries woman expresses anguish over uncertainty of surgery at Victoria Hospital

Castries woman expresses anguish over uncertainty of surgery at Victoria Hospital
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Patricia Hamilton

A Castries woman claims that she has been given a “royal runaround” by Victoria Hospital over surgery for her legs, which have been infected for close to three years now.

Patricia Hamilton of Hospital Road, Castries told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that she is frustrated with the manner in which her case is being dealt with by the hospital.

Hamilton, a mother of five, said she was referred to the hospital on November 13, 2013 by the Castries Health Centre, to see a bone specialist there, due to pain and swelling to both of her feet.

After seeing the doctor, Hamilton was advised to take a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan to her left leg. She was later diagnosed with a bone infection.

But the swelling and pain was not only happening on the left leg, so she was advised to take another MRI, but this time for the right leg, which was diagnosed with the same condition.

According to Hamilton, who is unable to work due to her condition, the doctor had recommended that she undergo surgery to her legs, something she didn’t have a problem with.

But three years have passed and the hospital is yet to confirm with Hamilton, whether she will ever be able to undergo the surgery, something that she is in dire need of.

The 52-year-old woman said since it was recommended that she undergo surgery, she has been checking with the hospital almost every week on the progress.

Her most recent visit to Victoria Hospital was yesterday (Monday) October 5. Hamilton said she spoke with a senior official of the hospital, who told her that the doctor has the documents.

No assurance was given to her, if this surgery will indeed be performed, or whether she needs to seek medical care at a private medical institution instead.

Hamilton claims that the hospital director and senior staff have been saying the same thing ever since she was diagnosed with the bone condition and was advised to undergo surgery.

The woman told SNO that she also made several visits to the Ministry of Health to see if they can assist her with getting the surgery done, but this has also proven useless.

Hamilton said she is now forced to use pain tablets at least three times per day to help her get by. “If I don’t have that, I can’t get off my bed,” she told SNO.

She is hoping that someone would see her story and help look into the issue, so that she can be afforded the chance to undertake surgery to her legs, before her condition worsens.


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  1. Maybe it time for everyone to be on medicare or insurance that's one of da big problem. Hospital wants it's money in order to operate n stay open I'm jus sayin


  2. Maybe because the doctor is a quack. Where are these Doctors coming from? Since when doctor's don't want to operate to get paid. So, government paying foreigners to butcher the people with their own tax money.#betterdays


  3. my wife went to vh to give birth after a day or so labor was induced and she was given drugs to sleep. she was then woke up still under the drugs and ask to push to the point where when she was not able to because of her sedation the nurse left the room saying "she doh have time for that". Long story short my baby girl was trapped in the birth canal and was being suffocated she was already turning blue when they rush outside to get some more nurses who came in and pulled the baby out. result; my baby's left arm had little mobility to the point where an x-ray had to be taken to see what was the cause her left legs was also affected she spent 5 days in the neo natal unit drugged because they feared her brain may have been affected. upon leaving the hospital they could not provided us with a report which back we have requested. and the maintained a high handed attitude but by gods good grace with and physio therapy her mobility has come back and she is a normal 9 month old now. furthur investigation indicated that this is a common occurrence and in other countries that particular problem is cause by improper practices and that hospitals were now being sued for malpractice . but here parent are being left with a child with cerebral palsy, brain damage lost motor functions\ etc and they have no recourse . so your child is fine until u reach vh and then they **** you and your up they dont care that u may have a lifetime of problems on your hand because they cant do their lesson go st judes go tapion forget about about vh is not a hospital is a butcher shop with some incompetent, unremorseful and careless idiots. to the nurse who walked out the longest rope has an end


  4. If what the Lady is saying is accurate my thing is the persons at VH should just inform the lady of the cost of Surgery because it look like the problem is money. I am having that same problem with my so call doctor which I wanted her to have me to do a repeat c-section due to some complications and I also requested to tie my tubes but she told me it is costly, which I am aware of but she never asked me or tell me How or explain the cost or asked about me having Insurance to cover my bill. I just left her alone because I know if anything goes wrong there will be a lawsuit which many of them will hate me but I wouldn't careless.


  5. I agree with the comments,call Alvina & ask her what's going on...But after you call & listen to her lame excuse (that's if you even get intouch with her) just try to raise some money & get it done Martinique or Tapion...VH is a nightmare.


  6. You see because vh has not. Been sued and lose a huge amounts of money and St Lucian are not really guided of their rights things will never change. A healthy nation is a strong nation but since we are so weak to stand up as a nation this will always be what it is. If we won't stand up for anything we might as well lay down for everything


  7. Its absolutely appalling that this government can secure a loan in excess of 100million to build a road so i can reach work 10 minutes earlier from sunnyacres heading north. But turn a blind eye to the plight of those who are truly in need of a basic and humane standard of living: health care, sanitation, running water etc. Wish you the best my dear.


  8. this is all the madness that our ppl have to go through when it comes to such important thing as health care,and u gona tell me those in authority give a shit.and all u folks out there fighting over political parties smfh.those ppl dont give a shit about us its time lucians wake the hell up and realize whats real in this country.screw SLP screw uwp.and worst of all health care in st lucia sucks.i give it 1 out of 10.


  9. you better seek a private doctor because i had surgery last year and up to this day i cannot walk VH is a death trap


  10. A sad state of affairs. What is happening in St. Lucia? Citizens don't know what to or who to turn to. Everything seem to be in total disarray.




  12. my lady run for your life and dont go back there. On other cases when the doctors have their mishaps and results in the loss of a life how do they live with their selves and those who cover up for them ? how do you guys do it? i really would like to know !


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