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Castries teen killed, brothers in custody after alleged police shootout with gunmen

By SNO Staff

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Residents reported hearing a barrage of gunshots from automatic or semi-automatic firearms around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 22.

“It was rapid gunfire from high calibre weapons,” one resident told St. Lucia News Online.

Shortly after the sounds subsided and the ‘smoke cleared’, a 17-year-old, believed to be from La Clery, Castries is killed on the spot, a 28-year-old Bois Patat, Castries man injured and his 19-year-old brother in custody.

The shooting occurred following an alleged chase and shootout between the police and individual/s on board a white car, according to sources.

The police were reportedly acting on a tip that a white car with potentially armed suspects on board, a source said.

The chase ended at the junction of Chaussee Road and La Pansee, in the vicinity of the Anglican school, with the shootout.

Videos posted on social media show two police pickup vans near a white car, surrounded by heavily-armed officers.

Curious onlookers were kept at a distance while they carried out their investigations.


On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, about 10:30 p.m., officers attached to the Special Services Unit, whilst on mobile patrol, received information regarding a suspicious motor vehicle, at Reclamation Grounds, Castries.

The responding officers made attempts to stop a white Toyota Lancer, registration number PE3191, but to no avail. The motor vehicle in question failed to stop, venturing through one-way streets about the city, contravening traffic regulations.

During an attempt to apprehend the individuals, one individual was fatally shot, whilst a second was non-fatally injured. A third male was arrested without injury.

One nine millimeter (9mm) firearm was recovered by officers from the said individuals.

Investigations into the circumstances surrounding this incident are ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this matter is asked to contact the Major Crimes Unit at 456 3754.


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  1. Good Job Officers..Go study for your cxc exams take uall time to be badman

  2. Age don 't make a difference. A gun fired by a teen will harm just as one fired by any other age group. Teens need to do what normal teenagers do. School, learning a trade, sports and other lawful hobbies. The tide has changed. What we see today, is teens as gangsters who will kill to gain membership. Not all teens are involved in wrong doing, but a large number are guilty. If this teen was innocent as some claim, I apologize on behave of the cops. We need peace in the land by any lawful means necessary. Enough is enough.

  3. Police this police that im not saying all police officers are good. but wdmc give the people a break youall talk like police officers NEVER help youall. The police office could have been wrong and corrupt in truth but who are you to say..... were you there ? SMFH. but youall need to watch who youall hang out with family or not point blank period... and in my opinion the other 2 peopleshould have kept this lil 17yr old out their damn business. RIP

  4. the 17yrs old is innocent in dat he only ask dem for a ride to go at his home wen he came out of the vehicle the police shot him may ur soul rest in peace Arnold

  5. Glad the SSU is back in action. That will teach them.

  6. oye u no lucians will always be stupid any thing u tell dem they drink it like juice ..we all dam no there are criminals but wen the ppl who have to protect us take adavantage on us wat u expect to happen a peacful country..and some dumb idiot will be like gud kill dem all without even knowin the truth u cud be one of the innocent ones be careful wat u ask for..smfh

  7. "Gassa!! I is a Badman-E"....
    His last words seconds before the Popo put some caps in his 2festival. Next badman step into the ring, the cycle goes on.

    • Thanks for a good laugh this early morning. I laugh so hard my stomach hurt for real,that 2festival is hilarious. Thanks again for a much needed lucian joke.

  8. Police is d dirtiest set of ppl first of all Toyota lancer.......
    Innocent death of a 17yrs old because the car didn't stop
    It could be no license d fellas eh huv poor jab the one dt custody
    Suites for a so call 9mm gun

  9. They obviously were to some mischief. Big up SSU. Kill them all. St Lucia will have peace one way or the other.

  10. st lucia has alot of corrupt police officers and all of them covering up for each other a whole bunch of mother fuckers with no remorse judgement day soon awaits then we will see who has more power

  11. A toyota lancer, get serious .plus yiu say shoot out but the police, aka licenced criminal was the only ones firing shots.

  12. Lucians sicken me

    RSLPF lying too much I mean apply logic ppl... 20 SSU chasing in two vans which idiot is goin to shoot at them.... Lucians should be ashamed of their ignorance... it can’t be a shootout if only one set of ppl shooting.... dumbasses... and last but not least who are these most notorious criminals flying up one ways and all that BS... a scared citizen... scared of the the police constantly harass us can flee... that’s give them right to kills us and plant a gun.... god bless u st.lucians

  13. a toyota Lancer , toyota don't make Lancer.

  14. They made an a attempt to stop a white TOYOTA LANCER......

  15. Not Friends With The Victims..Just Supporting Justice

    Lies...i witnessed it all ....innocent death of a youth 17yrs old because the car didn't stop the best policing is to shoot the occupants and not the tires? Bad policing mixed up with lies.when these corrupt officers realized they were wrong they chased everyone far back and now all of a sudden the retrieve 9mm much as every other person may be oblivious of these actions Jah nah dead HE knows all and judgement will fall not on the police force but the corrupt criminals they hiring as police officers.Rip to the innocent 17yr old and accept my sympathy to the grieving family ..😢😢

    • At that time what a 17 year old doing out there at 10:30 pm among those thugs. He deserves what he got. Were they up to any good. If you are being ask to stop by the police then you stop. Why try to evade them. I realized they were up to no good. I am happy the police intercepted.

      • I can’t believe wat u said omg u should be ashamed
        That boy was my friend and he did not deserve it.

      • Unless its not your family members or close friend you will never feel what it means to lose a soul this comment is disgusting how you so sure what he was doing there at the time why judge when you have no evidence other than what the news gave and comments ill pray for your evil heart other than that god bless you and i sympathize with the family

      • url ppl don't even know the 17yr old just came from playin in a party and he ask dem for a ride to go to his home smh at url stupid comments

    • So y didn’t they stop the car if they had nothing

    • Stop lying....smh...
      Officers would NEVER OPEN fire on a Vehicle because the driver didn't stop...the driver had to be driving recklessly and with the information received they will move with caution to apprehend them....the guys got information that there's armed individuals onboard the vehicle...they demanded the driver to stop several times and he didn't....btw if you didn't know by driving recklessly you putting other people's life in danger....and I give the officers all the rights to open fire...just respect the law that's all

      • Pationate hate for licenced criminals aka police

        Licenced criminals aka police.hate and kill the public with the support of the government but still ask us to call with info.they always want help from us but our generation will die before they help us.

  16. rapid gunfire...but a 9mm was recoverd soo it was the poiice then with the high cailber?

    • What do u know about guns? Do u know a 9mm can be modified in a way that it may look normal but indeed is semi- automatic, meaning it can release several shots in a spilt second.

  17. A Toyota Lancer.....Really
    Please verify your story before making mistakes like that
    Toyota don't make Lancers and Mitsubishi don't make Toyota.

    • NOTE: The article is a PRESS RELEASE, from the Police Department, Not an article written by St. Lucia News Online. Note the words PRESS RELEASE at the beginning of the article -- that's what it means. We rarely amend such releases for legal reasons.

  18. Kill the other two doh waste ppl time

  19. Just murderous pieces of shit torturing the lives of Saint Lucians. Hang the guilty ones. Hang them high.


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