Castries teacher granted bail for buggery and other sexual misconduct charges

Castries teacher granted bail for buggery and other sexual misconduct charges
The defendant (left) and his attorney Stanley Felix leaving court on Friday.

A male physical education teacher at a Castries primary school who is charged with sexual misconduct was granted bail in the sum of $44,000 in the First District Court on Friday.

The teacher, whose name we cannot disclose due to the sensivity of the case, was accompanied by his lawyer Stanley Felix at court on Friday.

According to Felix, the teacher was slapped with 12 charges ranging from buggery to gross indecency and indecency.

Felix told the media that he made an application for bail on his client’s behalf on Thursday.

He said the prosecution objected to bail and the magistrate deliberated overnight on the decision which was granted in his client’s favour on Friday.

The accused is required to hand over all travel documents to the State and stay away from the complainant (s) in the matter.

He is scheduled to return to court on November 16, 2017.

The teacher is accused of sexual misconduct against one or more students.

A ‘wanted photo’ of the teacher was placed at all ports of entry and departure by the police recently.




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  1. My gudness dont even know what to say cuz this teacher is a very nice guy dont konw what took over him


  2. I am very disappointed with the teacher this man had to much potential going for him to throw all this a way like this such a good common entrance teacher it's a shame


    • All you dussappinted in the teach but what about all those priest that billing little boys in the church.
      Why not be disciplined n the priests all you to hypocrite in St Lucia.


      • The priest have no right to do this also but this man I know him he was my daughter common entrance teacher and I admire his intelligent this is why I said I am disappointed in him because now he is going to throw his Life a way when he has such potential I fill very sad and f
        Disappointed because I know him to be a very nice man


  3. Wow as a past Anglican student I'm rather shocked. Such a caring teacher. I'm lost for words. Mr .. why?????
    Coming to think of it ... Maybe it makes sense during annex days when he use to have all these boys riding in his car when school dismissed.


  4. we have a dance teacher who has done the same shit to his students at an all girls school on the island
    i know of many more little girl he has violated and he is still allow to be in the school around our little girls


    • oOh yes mate have violated many little girls and his so call assistant keeping it a secret cause he did her the ssame and she and her ppl see no problem with his behavior and would no like no one to take him to task


  5. ya'll don't need to do no over night tht TEACHER.. the same way ya'll don't have heart for the youth ya'll shouldn't have for this pedophile or should i say perv..lock his A*** u


    • Everyone knows who he is and what he looks like. Since the 'Wanted photo' was displayed all social media with al THREE of his names. I see no need to block his face on T.V now. smh!

      This has to be the most disturbing thing for the parents and students he apparently had no consideration for. Those young children are scared for life!

      Send his a** to jail! Take a taste of the horror he put these young minds through.

      As a so called "respected" man of education?? But then again, he always favored boys than girls.
      Seemed a bit suspicious to me growing up, attending that school. And i can now see why.


  6. nasty man stop playing in the lil boys bumbum i hope you get to go to prison so you can play with big boys your own size so they can play in your bumbum


  7. ohhh thats the same fella from the anglican school and people had post his pic on face book saying he was wanted by police and nuff people was saying they dont believe he did this and all kinds of tings


  8. It is sad to see someone who is entrusted to innocent children can destroy their innocence. How disgraceful. Your interest is to develop them, not destroy them.


  9. Wow this is so unfortunate .....he seem like such a good teacher who had the interest of our children at heart... I am so sad and disappointed that he has found himself in this situation. my heart goes out to the children and families who have been affected...


    • Seem like you said...never judge a book by its cover....I was one his students and he was a disgusting man.. teachers knew other students knew and no one acted out...this man was raping his students especially boys. ...always had a boy or boys around him or at his home....his disgusting...he looks disgusting and it's sad now everyone wants to act like they never knew.... they knew especially at the school Anglican they just chose to hide so disgusted.


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