CASTRIES STABBING DEATH: Jacky Robert wants justice for boyfriend

CASTRIES STABBING DEATH: Jacky Robert wants justice for boyfriend
Jacky Robert

The woman whose companion was stabbed on Old Year’s night on Jeremie Street and later succumbed to his injuries while in hospital, has said she wants justice in the matter.

Jacky Robert told the media today (Jan 11) that Melissa Joseph deserves the full penalty of the law, reiterating that she is afraid for her life, since the men who accompanied the murder accused are on the loose.

Robert said the court has failed her family once and they can fail them again, if Joseph and her alleged accomplices are not placed behind bars soon. “They failed us once and they can fail us again,” she stated.

The woman’s aunt, Flora Verneuil, also told the media that the other alleged attackers were seen in Castries eating, drinking and smoking “as if they had no care in the world.”

Robert said she is aware that Joseph’s boyfriend was one of the four men that were involved in the fight, which later led to her boyfriend’s demise and said she was told that they are eyewitnesses to the matter.

The distraught woman told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the issue between her, her boyfriend and Roberts started many years ago, over the couple stopping Joseph from taking their water.

Jacky told SNO that at one time, they were neighbours with Joseph, and she and her boyfriend would allow her to go into their house and full containers of water, but when they stopped her, it became an issue.

She said ever since then, the murder accused kept harassing them at their home and everywhere they were seen. It became so unbearable that they were forced to call the police on countless occasions.

This proved ineffective and the matter was then placed before the courts, where it remained for 9 years. Roberts was eventually issued with a restraining order, but this didn’t stop her from creating trouble.

Roberts said she lost a good partner and her two children lost a great father.


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  1. This is crazy. I would advise the window to bring a civil suit against the police force. you have very good grounds to do that. make an example out of them for being so ineffective at their duties. if the restraining order had been effectively applied the woman would be behind bars and repeatedly been arrested and serving time with each offending occurrence. It is the responsibility of the police to enforce such a stipulation by the courts...there should be no excuse. so find yourself a good lawyer. after all you lost the breadwinner of the family and your kids need to eat...who will help with the burial expenses....I'm just saying tings are hard buddy!!


    • Peng, I need to ask you these questions. Do you know anything about civil law? How the hell would you advised the lady to bring a civil suit against the police? What grounds does the widow have? Sometimes I think we should get our facts right before posting comments. For one tell me where did the police failed to conduct their duties effectively? From the information the media have put out and all talk shows since this thing started, the neighbours and persons in the know have indicated that the police did what was required of them. The matter has been in the court system for nine years and the police continued to attend every report regarding these people. Now if you had said that the justice system failed this couple I would have agreed with you but talking this garbage about the widow should sue is stupid at the highest. The police did its job by investigating the matter and submitted the file to the court. What happen next is not the fault of the police.
      Now you talk about the restraininng order and what the police did not do, again you don't know what you are talking about. The reports are the the police did enforce the law when it came to the restraining order. Regarding the couple and this lady, they were known to police and the courts. If the lady breached the restraining order and depending on the clause in the magistrate orders, then the police will act accordingly. However the police would have to take the defendant back to the courts for the magistrate to inpose a fine or sentence the individual to prison.
      Again I say, people do get your facts and then comment.


  2. I am befuddled! I cannot imagine the anguish, the fear and the pain this woman and her partner have endure, and then for the partner to be fatally wounded trying to protect her from their tormentor(s).

    I pray that she has the strength to keep body, mind and soul together to withstand this calamity! I also pray that the community and the law protects her and her family from further harm.


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