Castries South MP rips apart latest employment figures

Castries South MP rips apart latest employment figures
Dr. Ernest Hilaire
Dr. Ernest Hilaire

Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire has questioned the authenticity of the latest employment figures released by the statistics division last week.

The newest job figures show that unemployment dropped to 16.8 percent in the third quarter of 2017. This is an improvement from the second quarter of this year – April to June 2017- for which unemployment stood at 20.8 percent.

Statistics also revealed that approximately 5,000 new jobs were created in the third quarter of this year.

While not criticising the division, Dr. Hiliare has said that 5,000 new jobs in the last three months seem a bit improbable when compared to what is actually happening on the ground. He said the numbers just do not add up.

“So in agriculture, fisheries and forestry they created 2,200 jobs in three months. Most of those jobs they said were skilled workers… maybe people working in the banana field, fishermen [and] what not… But when you look at the figures, all of a sudden there are zero managers in agriculture; there are no more professionals in agriculture; they have no technicians working in agriculture anymore. There is no clerical support staff working…How [is it that] in April, May, June, you had so many people working as managers, clerical staff, [and in] technical jobs- and by July, August, September [it is] zero, zero, zero?” Dr. Hiliare questioned.

He further raised questions about, the food, services and accommodation sector figures. According to the statistics department 2,000 jobs were created in hotels and restaurants in three months.

“In Laborie, 1,000 jobs were created in accommodation and food services. 1,000 jobs created in Laborie in hotels and restaurants?” he asked.

“What hotels does Laborie have like that?” he asked in Creole.

Hiliare spoke at a Saint Lucia Labour Party meeting at the Castries Market steps on Thursday night.


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  1. This is why judges of the English legal system have categorized platform speeches as "hearsy" or plainly as "platform rhetoric" and not to be taken seriously. However the public and news media seem to be attaching meaning to it contrary to what should be done.

    Read what Hilare says:

    “In Laborie, 1,000 jobs were created in accommodation and food services. 1,000 jobs created in Laborie in hotels and restaurants?” he asked.
    “What hotels does Laborie have like that?” he asked in Creole.

    Hilare is assuming that the "accommodation and food services" is a hotel. Can his assumptions dispute a fact from the Statistics department that 1000 jobs were created? How come they use these same figures and information from the Statistics Department to run their campaigns?

    Hilare is not the fool you are.


  2. Can someone please point me in the direction of those jobs because I’m in desperate need of one. Was just about to go and dye my curtains so the neighbours will think is new ones I putting up. Don’t ask for the ham and turkey.........We now have to settle for Poule savanne. On a serious note broke is an understatement in these parts. So anybody who has gotten a job please reply to this message.


  3. The statistic department has never been questioned when the slp gave their figures but there's always debate when it's the uwp. I remember just before elections when it was predicted that uwp would win the elections, the institution who carried out the poles was bashed by the slp questioning this and that. What happened on election day? They lost as predicted. If a party can protest asking government to fix a mess that they created then it shows how desperate they are. I'm happy I've never associated myself with slp, they're to Petty and deceitful...


    • jackass show your name idiot & papa doc ain't giving any of his business to manage u asshole is dogs like u that accept all bullshit


  4. I read the statistic division report and it never specified location. If the division had to lie about it they won't be stupid to say 1000 jobs were created in Laborie. It is impossible. You made it up to fool your own stupid people. You bloody liar.


  5. So PM wannabe is at it again? Juffalli money would be nice for me to have a good christmas. We dont want no volaires preaching on the pulpit.


  6. When you have a lying Prime Minister what do you expect. Chastenet is a pathological LIAR and a disgrace to St Lucia. TIME FOR HIM TO GO!


    • Be careful what you ask for because come next election we are taking we are taking all seventeen seats.


      • The 17-0 will not be UWP doing. With a settled SLP it might be 13-4. With this unsettled SLP it will be 17-0.


  7. Mr. Hilaire, it makes no sense that we talk talk talk....DO SOMETHING! The public is being fooled daily, we see it being done and do absolutely nothing! WHOEVER CREATED THESE FAKE STATISTICS SHOULD BE PROSECUTED. (in my opinion)


  8. Economy growing at what...1%?... while unemployment goes from 20% to 16%...that's like a 25% decline. Da no mek sense brudda man.


  9. Every morning I look out and see the boys sitting in same area and ladies walking around aimlessly.Please can you let's us know where to apply for some of those jobs.Christmas is coming .Even if it was a bad year we can give our kids a decent Christmas.Thank you to whom ever is it charge


  10. HO HO HO THE WHITE MAN IS SANTA HE WILL BRING THE GOODIES. Glad you all know he is Donald Trump brother everything that comes from his mouth is an other lie


    • I do not care who the white man is and who's brother he is I will take him over them nappy headed negros anytime I do not give a rats azz.


  11. IDr.. Hilaire is supposed to be the spokesman on investments and tourism, especially CIP. However, because he is hell bent on upstaging Phillip Pierre, he has assumed the role of spokesman on all issues.


  12. Now the shoe is on the other foot you running your mouth....You were once on the other side what did you do? Shoo fly don't bother me stay in your section,come next election there will be no seats for LABA zot emea' twop daba.


  13. That is great news. Now they can afford to buy gifts for the Christmas and with the savings on gas and VAT they should be well off this Christmas.


  14. There is something stinking in this Stat Department as in the State of Denmark, and it is not fish.

    Perhaps instead of SLP boasting that they had the best brains on that side of the aisle in the parliament, they would have done well to have trained the mandarins, such that there would not be such question marks every time they post employment figures. We note with caution that those figures are still E-S-T-I-M-A-T-E-S meaning, they are just guesstimates.

    Therefore, they are subject to revision. Will the real figures bear up to close scrutiny? Isn't it time for the many jokers in the pack be sent home?


  15. Give us your figures fellers just don't get it. It's a more educated populace you are talking to.. You fellers are no longer relevant..


  16. Boss you don't to debate or question anything we all know full well is a stone to hold they giving people. So many young people out of work. Everybody saying forget this Christmas, all the UWP is doing is just making up numbers.


    • Seriously the country not what it used to be ppl more concerned bout their pockets than the economy. .but anyways does laborie really have hotels.


    • So true.

      But why do we accept it when it doesn't reflect the reality.

      Why do we do we accept previous Ministers disclosing bribery attempts to himself and the ex PRIME MINISTER by another Minister and NOTHING for that absolutely NOTHING.

      What's happening to our Judicial System!!! Civic Society, The Church, Chambers of Commerce etc we just sit and turn a blind eye to these actions.

      And then we wonder why there's an increase in Crime, when our politicians are acting like CRIMINALS and getting away with it!


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