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Castries shooting may have been gang-related: sources

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – A feud between factions from Castries and Vieux Fort is suspected to have been the motive for Tuesday’s shooting in the city that left one man dead and at least four others injured including a child, according to sources.

An audio clip of a male voice which has surfaced on social media suggests that the shooting stemmed from a feud between men from Vieux Fort and Castries.

“Yea boy, couple man from Vieux Fort and thing I hear that come and roll on Castries man, but Castries man was waiting for them already, so exchange of (gun) fire and couple Vieux Fort man get shot, all kinda ting,” the voice recording states.

A relative of one of the victims told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the masked gunman is from Castries and the injured males are from Vieux Fort.

The relative said the victims were heading to a car when the masked man opened fire at them. A law enforcement officer shot the gunman.

The shooting occurred on Peynier Street, Castries, between 3:30 p.m. and 4 p.m.

The names of the deceased and the injured have not been officially released.

The medical condition of the injured were not immediately available.

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  1. Next time don't go where there is innocent people to do your war. Set an appointment, get an open field to settle your war. The minuet is around innocent people you want to rage your war you are no bad boy yet! you are dame cowards!!! Bad boys meet each other in a deserted place and that is where they settle their differences. The strongest one survives. Stupid little bastards and your families will say "he was a good Boy" Chooops.....

  2. what a cupcake hole country! down the sewer

  3. Persons left Vieux Fort drove up to Castries to start a shoot out causing innocent people to get hurt. I am sure all now so they planning to do more shooting. How does hurting innocent people solve a conflict? If it is not a stabbing it is a shooting. Our society is sick. You cannot tell me a few individuals can cause so much terror in the city. You all calling on ORC who is going to stand for and by the officers. The last set on their own. There has to be a better way to deal with this upsurge in gun violence. You all that know where they hiding their guns tell the police because you may be the one walking on the road innocently and get hurt. Stop hiding these fellars secrets, these fellars need to go to jail.

    • People can't tell the police where they hiding guns, when people tell the police anything the police themself going and tell the ones with the guns who come and say what or they talking it on the street like da man say that one have a gun or da man do this, putting people in danger. The police need to get off they ass and do some real work do some real investigating go an get criminals. Believe it or not the police gets lots of info from people just telling them stuff, most of the time nothing is done. Police in St lucia useless, lazy they take they jobs for granted and most of the time works with the big criminals that is how most of them are Vieux-fort to Castries! You think Vieux-fort police don't know those guys from Vieux-fort and what they about and what they have been doing they are responsible for so much stuff going on in Vieux-fort the police know and do nothing about it. There is no justice on this island.

  4. That eh know gang war , that’s is a madman .

  5. well now people will stop lingering on the bus stop and go home and stop choosing bus especially the school children

  6. Vfort is such a craphole. They cant do anything right.

  7. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.

    –2 Corinthians 1:4

  8. So if this thing and a lot of the other criminal activity is gang related again I ask what about the anti gang legislation passed in the honourable house four years ago! To date never an arrest, a charge or a conviction. Not worth the paper it was written on. Or maybe it has been torpedoed by the very gangs themselves.

  9. Castries fellers owing vieux fort fellers drug money, mths now they're not paying. Bloodshed when vieux fort fellers went to give them a shake up. Innocent ppl got hurt . Calling on ORC....


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