“Fellas have to pay for this” — Friends ‘hurt’ by murder of ‘humble’ Castries man

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Friends of the island’s homicide victim, 33-year-old Chad Ramsey, have described him as “humble” and the one who kept those close to him “in line”.

Ramsey, a resident of Rockhall/Marchand, was shot in the head as he walked on Broglie Street, Castries around midday Thursday.

He reportedly died on the spot. A video circulating on social media shows Ramsey, face down, bleeding profusely on the sidewalk.

One person wrote on Facebook: “RIP Eagle Mob Boss such a humble young man..The streets are not safe anymore !!! so many young men lives getting cut short. is it wrong place at the wrong time??or getting involved with the wrong caliber of people?? guess right now violence is the key to everything…STAY WOKE YOUNG MEN!!!

Another said: “My Mob not you just hail me last nite not gonna type rip cause you were a positive soul till we meet again bro.”

However, one person suggested in his post that there is going to be retaliation for the killing.

“Gasa dem @#$ man eh go get tired of killing my brothers. Eagle Mob Boss you dat used to keep all the family in line and keep us from being like the rest of them man. It hurts to know we lost another one to this bullshit of a life and now who is gonna look after your lil man… I know it hurting us but Eagle you eh going like no sh*te. Fellas have to pay for this.”

This is the second homicide in two days. On Wednesday, around 2:30 a.m., a woman stabbed a man to death during an alleged altercation at a karaoke event in Anse Ger, Micoud. The woman was arrested. The deceased has been identified as Lance Camille of Anse Ger.

Meanwhile, members of the public have expressed surprise on Facebook at the time of the day and the location in the city that the crime was committed.

“Broad day light. They’ll behave themselves,” one person commented.

“My goodness….bug broad day light like this and in the middle of town…smh. So sad,” another said.

Others have commented that Saint Lucia appears to becoming like crime-plagued cities such as Chicago and New York in the U.S.A.

One person noted sarcastically that the Castries mayor had said the city is “safer than ever”.


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  1. So sad..rip chad

  2. He looked like such a kool guy. Whose going to "keep the family in line" now ?

  3. one phone call it take fi make some boy wipe off of earth and drop down flat

    • Ok den

    • My friend, you need some more schooling.

    • Ya'll don't like what he's say but it's the truth he was a victim of a phone call by someone who eh care about anything but just seeing this man fall from a bullet wound. People are so heartless that they don't care or feel no way knowing that their evil deeds are the cause of someone losing their life and a family now mourning and suffering. The streets are way too cold now.

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