Castries mayor “welcomes digital age” with free public WiFi within the city

Castries mayor “welcomes digital age” with free public WiFi within the city

(PRESS RELEASE) – Mayor of Castries, His Worship Peterson D. Francis has welcomed the digital age with free public Wi-Fi within Castries.

The initiative, part of the Government Island Wide Network (GINET) Wi-Fi, was launched on Wednesday December 19, 2018 at Constitution Park and is part of a US$4 million investment within the City of Castries.

Speaking at the project launch, Mayor Francis said that the development embraces the concept of smart cities because it delivers a new way of life through innovative technologies which would assist in reducing the digital divide, fostering improved business transactions and meeting increased expectations of residents, visitors and businesses.

Mayor Francis also applauded the efforts of the Government and the people of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

“I strongly believe that St. Lucia can be the Telecommunication Hub in the Caribbean with many more investments in that sector. GINET WIFI will forge a path and is the start to such development. But to do this, we unquestionably need a combined effort across Industry and Government. Let us introduce the latest in technology to further empower our people. Let us collaborate in becoming the choice for ICT related investments. A few more Customer Service Call Centers can be added to that list. Soon, our smart parking through installation of parking terminals will be launched and we intend on also initiating charging stations for mobile devices”, stated Francis.

He added, “I hope that the new GINET WIFI service within Castries will not only revolutionize the way St. Lucians communicate and interact with each other, but most importantly be a key building block in the island’s digital empowerment. For me, the approach should be unified to a technological rollout that will profit yet create a digitally empowered nation, exceeding social and economic obstacles. And therefore, the millennial youth, students, businessman, residents and visitors can enjoy the free Wi-Fi at our facilities. Now visitors can research local attractions, look up local events, load maps and post scenic photos. Undoubtedly, these services will also enhance the tourism product. I would like to thank our technological partners and the Project Office for their hard work. I am also grateful to the Government of the Republic of China(Taiwan) for initiating, financing and implementing this initiative”.

Castries benefits most from the GINET Project with ten (10) locations and access points.

The free GINET WI-Fi service can be accessed at Government Buildings (Waterfront), Serenity Park, Derek Walcott Square, Central Market, Craft Market, Constitution Park, La Place Carenage, Pointe Seraphine, Cultural Centre and the National ICT Centre/Central Library.


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  1. wow the mayor office is the only department of government working .. and they did not give the mayor no money to run festival of lights and national day......where de money from the taiwan gone there a move to stop the mayor from outshining other ministers ministry..why they did not give the mayor the money that the taiwanese always give for festival of light...God will put a hand


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