Castries mayor says vendors must accept change to improve their business

By Office of the Mayor

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A video-still image of a vendor refusing to move as an officer (right) looks on. This incident occurred on Wednesday, May 29 in Castries.

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Office of the Mayor and Castries Constituency Council (CCC) are appalled at the actions of a few sidewalk city vendors who continue to defy relocation plans for the Castries Market Redevelopment Programme.

The CCC wishes to inform the general public that although these individuals are not full-time registered vendors, every effort has been made by the Office of the Mayor to provide them with stipends and relocation support.

Mayor of Castries Peterson Francis

These vendors have rejected the support and insist on vending along pedestrian sidewalks with improper storage, potable water and other amenities important for the sale and handling of food items.

Castries Mayor Peterson D. Francis has encouraged the defiant vendors to rise to the occasion and welcome the change which will ultimately improve their business and standard of living.


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  1. We have a history of opposing every thing that the Torch party does which are in the interest of the people and the country. The move from Conway opposed, the Milimunm road oppose, the new police headquarters opposed,developement vieux-fort opposed, those idiots that are opposing are just selfish with no vision for the country. When they expire the country will be releaved from such morons.

  2. Im a st.lucian I'M not political blind but if the opposition would work with the the current government that would be good.And another hand there is another Man called Richard Fedricks adding more flame to the fire,im wondering are they fighting for their pockets or the country everyone on will benefit from the market just be patient my people

  3. The majority of St.Lucian do like change,progress they like the stagnant move. I would love to see Castries Vieux-Fort and Soufriere come alive day and night please let the Mayors, PM, Ministers of cabinets Parliamentary representative work for us to make St.Lucia a better and more beautiful place for me and you. Tell Ras IPa go to hell he is a divider a hack so he will never settle for anything UWP party does.Look around my people better thing are coming our way day by day please let us do not go back to days of chicken and rum time again no more E-Rouge for a long time.

    • Oh yes!!!!!! ras iPad better keep quiet because he got better things to talk about than that .

  4. How would the country go forward without corporation,I can understand change is had to accept but the sake of yourself and the country, please do what you all asked to do thanks in advance keep the peace to much unnecessary noise.

  5. Arhhh...don't call them animals...i agree they should move to the new place...but they're not animals

  6. I watched the news clip last night on DBS evening news, and couldn't help but notice that quite a few of the protesting vendors are persons who I personally know to be supporters of the Labour party. Maybe it's just coincidence, but I sincerely wish that at times we could all put petty politics aside and work together for the betterment of our people. While I don't support an array of UWP decisions and policies, I believe that the Castries Market project is a step in the right direction, and would enhance not only the city, but the livelihood of our market vendors. It's tough enough struggling as a farmer, and then to have to sit in an unkempt and stuffy market area all day trying to sell your produce to locals and visitors like. Our vendors need this improvement desperately and I think we, as St.Lucians, must remove the yellow and red tinted glasses and support what is positive.

  7. no wonder yall selling by the road yall so ignorant. once you see people trying to make something better there always have a set of ignorant ones that want to do what they want. i passed by the place they were relocated to and honestly it looks so nice and refrehsing it looks like a real market the differnt colors of fruit and stuff

  8. I am so disappointed with my people, haven't you people heard that cleanliness is next to godliness.
    My people don't like changes they love the dark ages.
    We can all see that some of the vendors are making a fool of themselves on camera.
    You fools are being use by politicians who speak at the corner of their mouth saying that we love St. Lucia.
    If you people love that island so much then stop trying to stop progress I don't care which side you are on we should put Lucia first and not our EGOS.
    And the mayor is here to stay.

  9. Yes. Hey must accept it. These animals won't know what's good for them. I suggest having a fire truck pull up and blast them off the sidewalk with hoses.

    • Lord Have Mercu

      We have TRULY become animals. Imagine we can suggest treating our people with such cruilty. My Oh My

    • Arhhh...d9nt call them animals...8 agree they should move to the new place...but they're not animals

    • You are the four legged creature with horns to boot. I would never call my people animals they may be hustlers and vendors but not animals. For many this is their only source of making a living for themselves and to put food on the table it's difficult for some to accept a change in venue if they think it will affect their bottom line WHICH THEY CANT AFFORD but you would never understand that COW

      • Comments on here are very sad. No one is an animal. I'm from Canada and I saw a lot of hot women in the market and I just wanted to eat every one raw on their tables! I went home very frustrated knowing how I could please these gorgeous women.

        • You are no Canadian that's for sure you are nothing but a low life moron a disaster you stinking Lucian country bookie.

        • Whoa there brother. The sweff is strong in this one. Lmao

    • Yeaaaaah....Thats a bit extreme dont you think?

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