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Castries mayor says all Saint Lucians must play role in crime fight

By SNO Staff

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Mayor of Castries (centre) with police officers and Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

(SNO) — With Saint Lucia facing a crime wave in recent times, Mayor of Castries Peterson Francis is of the opinion that all Saint Lucians must play a role in combating it.

He stated that the situation is something that he himself will not tolerate.

“I will not tolerate crime whether it is at my doorstep, whether it is further away from my doorstep, I simply will not,” he stated earlier this week. “And I will do everything within the law and my power to make sure that crime situation is averted in Saint Lucia.”

Peterson said the island’s crime situation is not one that just a few people must be concerned about.

City Police officers on patrol in Castries

“The issue is not for a few people,” he pointed out. “The issue is for Saint Lucia, Saint Lucians.”

He noted that the police cannot stop all crimes all the time.

“The City Police cannot stop it, the government cannot stop it, the minister of national security cannot stop that, priests, whether it’s religion, we cannot,” Francis said. “At least if all of us play our part, it will not be as rampant as it is right now.”

Peterson Francis

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  1. That was not the tune you were singing Two and half years ago when someone else was on the hot seat, you had all the answers. Now it's your responsibility, you deflecting all blame from yourself. I hope you and your colleagues learn to never Politicize Crime Again!

  2. "The City Police cannot stop it, the government cannot stop it, the minister of national security cannot stop that, priests, whether it’s religion, we cannot,” Francis said. “At least if all of us play our part, it will not be as rampant as it is right now.”

    yall hear of course? for yall that asking governments year in and out of office about crime there is nothing that can be done except all of us come together, stop relying on just government

  3. Monsieur Le Maire,

    Now that you have stated the obvious, we now want to know what are your/government's plan to alleviate the crime situation in Saint Lucia. We all know that crime fighting is everyone's responsibility. But what measures are being implemented to make things better? Here are a few suggestions :

    1) Community Policing. Develop a trusting relationship with community members/businesses and have
    monthly meetings to identify issues faced in all communities. Police should be trained in Public

    2) Primary to Secondary School Police outreach initiatives to help promote better attitudes in the young to
    be better individuals in society. This will also identify individuals at risk of criminality. Often times you
    can spot them from school. Make them understand the role of the police in society. Often times young
    individuals develop a fear of people in uniform. This outreach will make them more trusting to speak out
    and see police officers as friends and allies.

    3) Initiatives to get the everyone in society involve in some form of activity. Eg. Put some table tennis
    equipment in the park somewhere and let the young enjoy themselves. Sporting facilities for all not
    just for the professionals. Often times the best athletes are the ones not discovered yet.

    4) A secure way in which citizens can report crime without being identified. And ensure officers investigate
    every reported infringement. This will build community trust. Plus, get that forensic lab working.

    5) What about having a citizens program for children 15-25 that will teach then the values of being a full
    active member of society and how their contribution influences Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians.

    6) What about increasing the Police's capability in detecting, solving and investigating crime. What about
    increased surveillance of Saint Lucia's borders. For an Island nation too many guns on the street. We
    don't manufacture guns so they must be entering Saint Lucia somewhere.

    7) Is the rehabilitation of criminals working? What programs are available?

    8) What about parenting skills development for young mothers/fathers/single parent families where they
    can learn skill in raising decent kids despite their situation. Initiatives to develop a trade or skill to
    acquire paid work.

    And the list Monsieur Le Maire is not exhaustive. The fight against crime is as much the responsibility of government as is the citizenry... but the Government must take the initiative and then mobilize the country.
    To do otherwise is a gross neglect of the Government's duty. I appreciate the situation is quite complex, however not nipping it in the bud will only make the situation worse for future generations to ameliorate.


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