Castries Mayor celebrates every woman

Castries Mayor celebrates every woman

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – On behalf of the Office of the Mayor and Castries Constituency Council, we join with communities in St. Lucia and around the world, to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018.

Commending all women, His Worship Mayor Peterson D. Francis stated, “Both the challenges and achievements of our women need to be celebrated limitlessly.”

“We wish that all will shamelessly praise and celebrate their leadership qualities and use it as a tool to shape our country’s promising future. Development is taking place throughout the length and breadth of the island and I encourage all young women to be part of the new St. Lucia.”

Every year International Women’s Day not only provides an opportunity to reflect on the innumerable political, societal, and economic contributions and accomplishments, but also to address real issues the women in our communities, country, workplaces and in our lives are confronted with.

“I know that St. Lucia’s young women are up to the job”, added Mayor Francis. “You need to recognize your full potential as citizens and take the lead in obtaining roles in government and the private sector. I serve alongside some dedicated female councilors and some of our team of managers living proof that women continue to make important, lasting and positive inroads in society. Look within our 238 square miles and you will find strong women making significant inroads at all levels.”

Mayor Francis will participate in on-going scheduled activities in Castries to commemorate and celebrate every woman on International Women’s Day.


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  1. What a shame that SLP could use women to advance their agenda in such n unruly way during the Lenten season.

    If these people in the march were representing me as a woman. Shame on me.


  2. I am seeing empowerment in the faces of these beautiful women. Happy Women's Day. Good job Mayor


  3. CELEBRATES EVERY WOMAN : On observation from the Photo above !! It is heart warming to see such
    warm smiles on the face of Ladies. Regardless of what is happening , ( No matter how you feel, Get up,
    Dress up , Show up , and never give up ).


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