UPDATED: Castries Market tent fire erupts one hour after FRC building fire

UPDATED: Castries Market tent fire erupts one hour after FRC building fire
House on fire at night
House on fire at night

Approximately one hour after firefighters were called to respond to a fire at the Folk Research Centre (FRC) on Calvary Road, Castries Sunday night, they were notified of a tent fire in the Castries Market.

Reports are that three vendors’ tents, located near the Marketing Board, was completely destroyed by fire.

Emergency services were contacted at 11:05 p.m. regarding the tent fire and 10:19 p.m. for the FRC building, which was also totally destroyed.

The cause of the fires are currently under investigation.

There were no report of injuries.


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  1. Under investigation and so the list continues. Two Soufriere hospital fires, DSH equipment and now two fires here. When will a fire investigation here bring a real cause.


  2. There must be a serial arsonist around. It is just too coincidental that fires are starting up so close together both in Soufriere and now castries. For heaven's sake a tent fire. There are no faulty electricals that can be blamed for that one. If so why would CCC allow someone to use electric power in a temporary structure. Seems like sabotage all around.


  3. Really? Was someone on a spree last night? All that history lost at the FRC. It's really sad
    If someone did this the next time I hope u accidentally catch yourself on fire . Stupid


  4. I don't think these two fires are coincidental...Check The SLP,and their Supporters....These Animal's will not stop,They fache,yo pere,and the Mentally sick.UWP supporters we not burning our shit....Labor did it.


    • why is it that every thing that happens here has to be political. am a st lucian who is ashame at times to be associated with my people. cant we ever put politics aside and just be honestly heart broken or happy for a situation. No wonder the world calls us ignorant. darn shame.


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