Castries man stabbed by girlfriend’s lover

Castries man stabbed by girlfriend’s lover


A City Gate, Castries resident is now nursing injuries at the Victoria Hospital following a scuffle with his girlfriend’s alleged lover.

According to reports the injured man returned home sometime this afternoon to find his girlfriend in an compromising position with another man.

One resident disclosed that the man then launched an attack on the woman’s alleged lover with a knife.

However, the knife was instead used against him.

Details regarding his injuries are still unclear at this time.


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    • Don't say most young girls.there are still loyal ones out young and married and I would never ever do this to my husband.those who choose to be so are just sluts selling themselves for money.but what goes around comes around


  1. You eh see them fellas doin too much now? After you trespassing, you stabbing the girlfriend, you still stabbing the boyfriend again? Now de man have to deal with a tet sho and a stab wound for walking into his own house smh


  2. When will some of us realize we are bonded by promises to trust,respect,love an may be marriage this still doh make us d owner of each other because all promises are comfort to fools sometimes,so if u walk in on our love one killing the promise to love an respect us,simply ask them to get out of the home u'll shearing if that person doh have part ownership in the place,it just mite save ur life from JAIL,HOSPITAL or GRAVE the choice is yours to save ur self respect from the cheater.


  3. Know ur rights my brother's if u find a man in ur home u eh invite in there with ur girl as long as he eh raping her he was invited by her so he have rights to be there if she is d invite or of the man in d eyes of the law so kindly ask both of them to leave if she has no owner ship of the dwelling but violence just make things worse if the law gets involved


    • Easier said than done..some people cant deal woth the sigjt of seeing their loved one companion partner in a compromising position with someone else..some people in a relationship get upset if their partner even talks to someone juxtapose to being caught in.bed eith someone..there are different characters..a person can just "trip" for a split second not being aware of their actions at the can be hard for some people.


  4. He attack the guy for being in his house, maybe. But he should attack the woman too. Anyways, I feel for you bro. I hope this does not happen to me. Reason Y I ain't fussy to put dem tings in house. Worst yet is when u feeding their ass. Hope u lv that ting for good.


  5. If he does not see his girlfriend as a threat to his own security I don't know what else. However, at the end of the day whose girlfriend is it? Is the status of girlfriend determined by with whom the woman resides? What is to say that the visiting guy is not the real boyfriend (sometimes he may think). Women want equal rights and these rights extend into such subjects. Do you earn that right to call a man "boyfriend" when you start sleeping with him in house? A girlfriend to me is as it implies, a girl who is your friend. With equality in mind, does that prevent her from being a girl-friend to another guy?

    Got girl-friend?


  6. lol what was the compromising position? was it a behindshot? then again these heshpengs have no kind of class. go and see the boyfriend working hard to feed her hungry behind and behind the guy you going and take behindshots uh, you dont see you to damn nasty. to make matters even worst you cant really trust these mama hor-he-hors cause who know that was a planned thing for her to have the guy at the house for the boyfriend to catch and beat the other guy but things got a turn around and he got hurt instead.

    note to fellas, yall to stupid if you get a man at your home in your bed with your woman dont only give the man licks the woman have to get licks to cause is she that let him in the house cause at the end of the day guys will always be guys.smdh


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