BREAKING NEWS: Castries man sentenced to 20 years for sex with minors

BREAKING NEWS: Castries man sentenced to 20 years for sex with minors


PRESS RELEASE – On Wednesday 30th September 2015, George Jn Baptiste of Maynard Hill, Castries was sentenced at the High Court of Justice by the Honourable Justice Francis Cumberbatch to 20 years imprisonment for the offence of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a minor female aged seven (7) years;  seven (7) years imprisonment for the offence of Gross Indecency with a minor female aged ten (10) years and five (5) years imprisonment each on two counts of Unlawful Sexual Connection with minor females aged seven (7) years and eleven (11) years respectfully.

The incident occurred on Friday 5th August 2011 about 4:00 p.m. at Maynard Hill in the quarter of Castries and involved three minor children.

On the said date, one of the children who had been left in the care of her grandmother went to the home of the defendant to play with the other two girls after lunch.

The defendant who is a relative of one of the girls arrived shortly afterwards.  He asked the children if they wanted ice-cream and they replied ‘yes’.  The defendant gave money to one of the girls who went to purchase the ice-cream.

When she returned with the ice-cream the defendant asked all three children to come with him and he took them to some nearby bushes.

Whilst in the bushes the defendant performed oral sex on two of the girls.  He also asked two of them to sit on his penis which they did during which his penis entered the vagina of one of the girls.

The defendant was therefore indicted by the Director of Public Prosecutions on one count of Sexual Intercourse with a Minor, contrary to Section 126 (1) of the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia 2004; two counts of Unlawful Sexual Connection, contrary to Section 124 (1) of the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia 2004 and one count of Gross Indecency, contrary to Section 132 (1) of the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia 2004.

He pleaded ‘guilty’ to two counts of Unlawful Sexual Connection and not guilty on the counts of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a Minor and Gross Indecency.

After a trial by jury he was convicted on the counts for which he pleaded ‘not guilty’.

His sentences will run concurrently and deductions will be made for time spent on remand.


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  1. SNO needs to learn when and when not to euphemise, this should read RAPE not sex with minors.... you have a responsibility to the public to report this the right way.


  2. YES people should learn to read and also learn what words mean. Concurrent means to run together, it is like runners in a race crossing the finishing line together instead of first, second, third and so forth. The man got 20 years for unlawful sexual intercourse with minors, that is the largest sentence; this what counts. The other sentences of 5yearsx2 = 10, 7years, and 11years (which in reality don't mean a thing) add up to 28years; but run together in the duration of 20years. In total that amounts to 48years he would serve if the sentences were running consecutively (meaning to follow on, continue. So it is 20years he got, less time served in custody (that was nice of the Judge) provided he don't get released early on (1) parole (2) ill health (3) in fear of his life in prison on humanitarian grounds (4) some other excuse to release the poor misunderstood man, who pleaded not guilty. The Judge could have made the sentences (ridiculous) run consecutively but did not. Having sentences run concurrently is just for show, they have no real meaning as it is the same time served for all offences; how do's that work?. The judge take us for fools. The JURY should be allowed to give out the appropriate sentences, after all they represent US the PEOPLE. The man's description is printed as George jn Baptiste of Maynard Hill, Castries; people already know him (and his family); so why not show his photograph in the papers for all to see? this sort of public notoriety would deter a lot of people (not all) from committing crimes. Lastly, when people show their indignation at crimes such as this, they are unfairly called radicals or vigilantes by those who have no moral values themselves.


  3. It's sad, but John Doe will come out of prison and violate another. The family members of course know who he is, therefore making them more observant when he's around their children. This John Doe should not be allowed within yards of any minor. Does SLU have a list of child molesters? If not, with the amount of pedophiles that are walking freely, they truly need to start a database of them and where they live so that parents can protect their children from them. If they can have the right to live where they want to, then parents should have the right to know where they are living.


  4. The Heading of this post clearly says "Castries man sentenced to 43 years for sex with minors" yet there is so much confusion about the actual duration of the sentence. Smh. When will our people learn to read.

    Also, I'm lost as to why anyone would want to blame a judge for giving them less jail time. The judges are there to administer the law and can only sentence them to the maximum time allowed by the law and not what's expected by the public! Maybe you should lobby your lawmakers to allow stiffer penalties to such offenders.


  5. It should have been LIFE! Now that SALOP can get all SEX he needs behind bars. Thank you St. Lucia, it about time you make those BASTARD pay for what they do to children. THANK YOU!


  6. Only twenty years and those children will be scarred for the rest of their lives???! Life Imprisonment should be given. Lord only knows what I would do with him!! Bastard!

    Parents please gather your children and secure them under wings and not under that of others; admire and follow the way of the hens that we see everyday in our eyes.


  7. What I cannot understand is WHY Judges (it seems to me) always give these people less jail time (in any country) than Murderers and other offenders. They should not see the light of day again after passing through the jails doors. The public and in this case CHILDREN should be protected and this person will get out of jail to offend again!! when these people are released and offend again, the judges should be held accountable for their lenience. It's time they paid some jail time too for their contempt of the victims, for these Children are LUCKY to be alive. There should be an accounting to the public, by those who hold public office. This is one crime (TOP of my list) where I am offended as a Man, Father, and Human being. WHAT is Parliament going to do about it? SEX is a STRONG urge, look how many perversions there are!!




    • It is to protect the children. They are minors and if his picture is posted, people will know who the children are. Remember he is family of one of the children involved.


  9. This bastard needs to rot in prison. I hope they book him in prison till his shit gets compacted. Sakwe salop!


  10. Zero tolerance for pedophiles...This F**ker should get 3 life sentences because he damaged three lives.. He should rot in there for the horny jail birds to bull his ass over and over and over and over again..Bastard


  11. only 20 years for three kids.... oh our court systen how they fail us... why not 20 x 3 ....60 years behind fricking bars


    • 20 years imprisonment for the offence of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a minor female aged seven (7) years; seven (7) years imprisonment for the offence of Gross Indecency with a minor female aged ten (10) years and five (5) years imprisonment each on two counts of Unlawful Sexual Connection with minor females aged seven (7) years and eleven (11) years respectfully - See more at:

      He actually was sentenced to 37 years. Read again.


        • no read again carefully, its 20+7+5 years each on two counts +11--------
          05 years--for each on two counts thats ( 5x2) for each
          ---------- just read you will understand,
          they will deduct on the years, but after the deduction they must say how many years he will be in jail, sackway papa salop rapist


  12. Disgusting no good pervert!!!! How could you damage those children like that?! They should keep him in jail for life!


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