Castries man accused of stealing thousands of dollars from credit union

Castries man accused of stealing thousands of dollars from credit union

A Castries man will stand trial for stealing a minimum $10,800 over a period of time from a credit union he worked for.

According to court records, Yandel Gaston was employed by the credit union, located in Castries, in 2010, and at the time of the incidents, he was well acquainted with the procedures governing withdrawals and accountability at the institution.

The incidents spanned a period from November 2011 when the first discrepancies were noted by the operations manager, and September 2012 when Gaston was arrested and charged for the offence.

Gaston admitted to the theft in initial inquiries by the manager, who subsequently called the police and had him arrested.

A search of his home in September 2012 revealed a number of member ledger cards on which financial data was stored, and several withdrawal slips for the credit union.  It is alleged that the amount of money withdrawn illegally from the credit union during that time is over $100,000, based on further investigation of the cards found at his home.

According to court records, Gaston went undetected because the institution was at the time recovering from a fire which had destroyed all of its electronic equipment, and as such, records of transactions were being done by hand, pending restoration of these systems.

In court last week, Gaston was told that the court has determined that there is sufficient evidence to send his case to trial.

Gaston is currently out on bail and will return to court at a date yet to be determined.


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  1. We have to teach people that stealing is a poison like any other evil. you send your child to school and get an education and this is what happens in position of trust. they steal thinking that they can outsmart the system, we should make examples out of all these guys like a good public beating and take away their suit and tie then they have nothing to hide behind. VOLLAIR!!!!!!!!


  2. mate really lucky 2 be on bail 4 dat amount on money better dem than takin from the pore


  3. so I takin my hard earn money to the credit union for a lil security and safety and this is what going on.... unacceptable. he should be forced to repay every cent. don't care if he have to clean drains to pay the money back.


    • he took da credit union's money not urs...urs is still secured...anyway u do crime do da time


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