Castries Leos observe World Service Day

Castries Leos observe World Service Day

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PRESS RELEASE – This year the members of the Leo Club of Castries observed World Service Day on October 10, 2015.   World Service day is a day set aside by Lions International (October 08) when Lions and Leos the work over are invited to participate in acts of service that would bring relief to impoverished communities.

The year the members of the Leo Club of Castries chose Saturday October 10 as the day in which they did their acts of service to community.  The members armed with paint brushes and rollers, converged on the Odsan combined school to undertake a paint project.

The project involved the painting of two classroom at the Odsan Combined School, The fun filled yet productive day saw the Leos and Lions mixing and matching colours so that the ambience in toe of the classroom would be improved.  The Leos were assisted by the school watchman, two former students and three Lions and one member of the community.

On Monday October 12,, 2014 the students returned to their brightly painted classroom and were elated. They showed their appreciation for the work undertaken by the Leos.

The Leo Club of Castries would like to thank Leo Evan Thomas for his efforts in getting the paint donated and to Sherwin Williams Ltd. for agreeing to donate the paint for this project.

We would like to express our gratitude to Leo Al and the Principal, teachers and students of the Odsan combined school for giving us the opportunity to be of service to them.

To the many persons from the community who assisted in this project a heartfelt thanks.

Thanks to the Leos and Lions without whom this activity would not have been the success that it was. ROAR LEOS ROAR…


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