Castries in the spotlight on Caribbean documentary

Castries in the spotlight on Caribbean documentary
Patrick Baucelin.
Patrick Baucelin.

Scenes of Castries are featured on a latest film on Caribbean tourism produced by filmmaker Patrick Baucelin of Martinique.

St. Lucians can anticipate the release of the 70-minute documentary, Cities of the Caribbean (Villes des Iles de la Caraïbe) on June 11.

Baucelin, the writer, director and producer of the project, will make 5000 free DVDs of the documentary at schools, libraries, public administrations and tourists boards in each of the countries presented in the film.

It is also expected to be aired on local TV here.

Baucelin at work.

Baucelin directs and produces documentary films mainly aimed at highlighting the cultural heritage of his country and Caribbean. He wants to foster cultural and tourist exchanges among Caribbean islands.

The towns of Barbados, Antigua, Curacao, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, St. Maarten and Haiti, are some of the countries in which Baucelin shot the project. It was an initiative co-funded under the INTERREG IV Caribbean Programme.

Baucelin is hoping to visit the countries to launch the project through press conferences.

The DVD will be available in French English and Spanish.

His 2012 documentary – “Secrets of the Fortresses of the Caribbean” won nine international awards including one at the New York Film Festival and a gold award at Houston Film Festival.


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  1. At least Castries has fresh drinking water and not all her children believe the only way to be somebody is to sell their soul into sodomy. We dont need you'll on our town.


  2. Helens children need to stop fighting, minding each others business and bad talking each other and stand up for themselves. Helen's children are some of the most hard working, creative, articulate and ambitious people period.For lack of respect for one another other nations take credit for our work. But we are not respected anywhere for the lack courage in our government who allow foreign investors to come in and take all the countries money and leave us with nothing behind. The government before our eyes continue to broker deals which are only beneficial to themselves and we quarrel with each other daily. If we fight each other and not demand answers by taking them to court, will our country ever get better. Lucian's watch your bread!


  3. Shut your mouth or cut your fingers if you have nothing good to say or write, you writing this like everything is so gloomy and nasty, yeah they may need a little improvements however CASTRIES is one of the most attractive cities in the OECS, we to negative about our country why you don't talk about Derek Walcotte Square and its surroundings, The Water front, Bridge Street these are a few of many lovely parts of Castries you want to compare us with need to travel to the other islands before you come speaking ill of sweet helen!!


  4. Castries is a dump. There is no immediate plan to redevelop this so-called "city" into an area where one can feel a sense of pride and joy.

    Walk around, and you be met with broken down side-walks, uneven side-walk surfaces and even where you find pieces of wood have been used to cover open trenches, coupled with vendors littering and computing the whole area.
    Walk down Jeremy Street and this is where the real stench and degradation really lives. It's where you find broken, old dangerously stouting CDC buildings dating back many decades, still on it's "last legs" home to many who refuse to vacate, and a spineless government refusal to do the right thing to force them to leave, and tear down those old nasty and dirty old buildings.

    Walk down "Georgetown" street, and you will find an array of old wooden structures on the side walk built by the the CDC 'Smfh'in the 'city'
    There you will immediately find a tainted sidewalk with bags of coal which has continued to drop its residue of dark "powder" from underneath and the proprietor seems not too bothered to clean it up.

    So yeah, it would be interestingly to see how beautiful of a city Castries is compared to other cities like Bridgetown,Barbados.
    I would be too embarrassed to even see this documentary.

    Only if the Government knew what the Visitors think about Castries. And trust me, it's nothing good.

    If they are serious with a sense of self pride, for once they would do the right thing, and rebuild this trash we call a city.
    It's a dump.

    I try to avoid Castries as much as possible.


      • That's OK, AB, re: errors. Telepathy is at play here!! Ditto!!

        Dirty, garbage filled, walking zombies traumatizing one and all, no exceptions, Castries is to be featured for EVERYONE TO SEE? Tell me that's a dream or a joke!

        Shouldn't someone in authority stop that joke - the part where Castries is to be featured among other Caribbean cities?


      • I once saw Castries the way you are seeing it today; but after living, and travelling throughout the United States since 1977, I have a change of heart.
        Yes, there's stench, old buildings and dilapidated sidewalks; but compare to many, Castries remain a beautifully laid-out city with a world class market, a modern boulevard, a square, parks and wide sidewalks, just to name a few.
        People from Barbados, Martinique, St.Vicent, Dominica, etc, come all the way to Castries for shopping.
        So, take pride in your city for it isn't as bad as you think.


    • Shut Your Mouth or cut your fingers if you don't have nothing good to say or write.. always a negative talk from you ppl...CASTRIES is one of the best looking cities in the OECS. You need to travel!!!


    • Stop being so negative. I hope you were not born in St.Lucia because there is no national pride there. We should try to correct all that is bad instead of criticising.


    • How dare u? Are u a Lucian sounds like you are not. However unkept it is or spineless our government is, the exposure will do good for the country. Maybe finally somebody will do something about the misuse of money and fix the things u were detailed about. Choops


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