Castries East Children’s Park welcomed by residents

Castries East Children’s Park welcomed by residents
Castries East Children’s Park

PRESS RELEASE – The residents of Castries East on Sunday 16th August 2015 welcomed the official opening of a Children’s Park.

This children’s park is the only such facility in the Castries East constituency, and was built at a cost of over $300,000.00.

The funding was made possible from the Constituency Development Programme, funded by the Government of Taiwan.

This park is also equipped with WIFI to further make the park a place for young children can do research, and parents to make an investment in spending time with their children.

Taiwanese Ambassador James Chang expressed the satisfaction of his Government that the assistance provided was making a significant contribution to the improvement of living standards and lives. He was particularly excited that this project was undertaken, because the primary beneficiary will be children.

Speaking on behalf of the Prime Minister, Press Secretary Jadia Jn. Pierre Emmanuel noted that the SLP Government is a government of conscience and its mandate to develop the country has caused the Government to focus on the development needs of all children as well.

She noted the example where the Government following the passage of the 2013 Christmas Eve Through moved swiftly to ensure that the books and uniforms of children who were affected by the Trough were replaced, thus minimizing the impact of the event on these children.

Speaking at Sunday’s ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for Castries East Hon. Philip J. Pierre implored the residents of Castries East to take the park as a philosophical statement of how he sees them as a people.

He lamented that too often the criminal activities of a few persons have caused the Marchand and surrounding communities too much stigmatization, victimization and characterization as negative.

These communities are too often referred to as inner city ghettos and criminal hotspots, when in fact the majority of residents are decent, productive and law abiding citizens. Minister Pierre believes the people of Castries East will get the respect they deserve.

The Castries East Childrens park is located along the Marchand Road near the Trou Rouge entrance. The park was entirely built using contractors and labour from the constituency.

Minister Pierre told residents that while a lot has happened to improve the lives of his constituents, for eg the rehabilitation of the Marchand Playing Field and other facilities across the constituency, there is still a lot more that he wants to see done, and asked that residents be patient as resources are limited.


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