Castries ‘dasheen’ fight attracts lyrics and memes

Castries ‘dasheen’ fight attracts lyrics and memes
One of the memes created after the ‘dasheen fight’ in Castries last weekend.

(SNO) – A dasheen-throwing incident during a Castries brawl last weekend has attracted not only memes, but Dennery Segment artistes.

A video recording of the incident, which reportedly occurred on Saturday, July 7, went viral after it was posted on social media.

A heated argument between a female vendor and another female quickly escalated with other persons joining the fight and dasheen being used as ‘missiles’.

Many persons have found it amusing that dasheen was used as a weapon of choice, so much so that artistes such as Kelly B and D-Boy have jumped on the opportunity to entertain through music.

Kelly B, whose real name is Kelly  Kenson Blondell, told St. Lucia News Online that “Lucian Dennery Segment” artistes  are usually “quick” to make songs on what’s happening in Saint Lucia, and here is the latest one – ‘The Dasheen Song’ featuring D-Boy:

Persons have also used a song titled ‘Hard Food’ released about two years ago by D-Boy to make fun of the incident:

However here is D-Boy’s original ‘Hard Food’:

Below are more memes about the event.



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  1. The Dennery segment majes fun of everything incident . That is not music. This is garbage. Lots of repitition and the same bucket beat.


  2. Music is a meh. Lyrics sucks.....same bucket beat. If people find humour in this laugh away.


  3. Perhaps I am a killjoy. Where is the hilarity in female on female violence and to boot an artist is trying to make money on this toxic affair!


    • Well it's not the artist fault their song they made years ago is being used today but you're right about the violence part


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