Castries Constituency Council affected by the COVID-19 fallout

Castries Constituency Council affected by the COVID-19 fallout

(PRESS RELEASE) – Hard hit by the economic fallout due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, the Castries Constituency Council has been forced to temporarily lay off its workforce.

Memos to that effect have already been sent to staff through their Shop Stewards and trade unions.

The temporary layoffs will be for a three-month period effective May 1, 2020.

Press and Communications Manager Jason Hullingseed disclosed that the management of the City in terms of its upkeep and sanitation will not be compromised.

“It is important to note that the shutdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic has cost the council thousands of dollars in the short term, greatly reducing our cash reserves and tax revenue,” Hullingseed explained.

“Despite the fact that we are unable to collect revenue and taxes and the laying off of employees is being done around the world, Council was intensely strategizing and considering other options. After exhausting all options Council has been left with no alternative but to make adjustments to all staffing levels,” the Press and Communications Manager observed.

He continued: “We do not have the option of borrowing. We can’t continue to pay workers when we can’t provide for them. It’s a tough but necessary decision that we simply have to take. We know this will be distressing news for workers during what is an already challenging time. It’s not a decision that has been made lightly.”

“We look forward to resuming as per normal once we come through this extraordinary situation,” Hullingseed said.


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  1. Press and communications manager shuld be the irst to be màde redundant definitely not needed at this time not withstanding the exorbitant salary.


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