Castries Comprehensive alumni against relocation of school: ‘We fight for our school’

By CCSS Alumni

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(PRESS RELEASE) — The CCSS Alumni invites ALL present and past students to an urgent meeting to be held on Saturday, 10th November 2018 at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School Auditorium.

The aim of the meeting is to discuss the planned moved by the government of relocating the school. We can’t allow our legacy to go up in flames. We are soliciting your support by showing up and be counted. Legal practitioners would be in attendance for guidance.

Look to this Day. We shall not be moved.#ccssforlife

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  1. A building is a legacy? People if you are going to oppose something please present better arguments than that. We have underutilized school buildings in the island. Would it not be a good idea to use them for education and transform a dilapidated one into something that could develop and benefit the country. So because a family would benefit then one should not pursue that venture? Just saying

  2. But tell me...why compre of yall schools is looked on as in need of relocation. There are other schools in dire need with lack of space. What about schools such as Entrepot where space is a major issue or some primary schools . I think the location of the school is great and ideal for major expansion I'd there I a need to create beter facilities..the location is acessible hence the reason many extra curricular activities are held there... I just don't get it.....why this school all of a sudden?

  3. wow...where were all these "concerned" alumni when the school was in dire need of repairs? They just realize that this is their alma mater when they ready to push their no progress agenda? give me a break...SLP operatives I can smell you a mile away

  4. that is a cause for concern when all the prime lands are gone and there is nothing left to sell what then, our leaders have no vision, why not build the resort the same place the want to build the school, if its good enough for the tourist it good enough for saint lucians,

    • True but will you put a school on prime land? What then should we do with prime land? Shouldn't we use it as investments? Nothing has been said about selling. To my best knowledge this government's policy has not been about selling land to foreigners. DSH project leased land while the rest will be sold to anyone interested including you. What if Reduit and Rodney bay were not developed and sold? I think you should stop that "Dam that Dam" fearmongering tactic. In fact small countries like ours will struggle to find developers in a global village. Is either we accept that we are part of a global village or not. Can we afford to become nationalist and say St. Lucia is only for St. Lucians? Can St. Lucians on their own have the capital to finance its development? I am sure the answer to all these is "No." St. Lucia lands go nowhere it stays here whether it passes through the hands of 100 St. Lucians or a million Chineese, but we have to make sure it contributes to our economy either in the form of taxes or they using our services, employment etc. What If tomorrow the government passes a law saying that all prime land should be in the possession of St. Lucians what do you think would happen? Our country would stagnate because all who can afford it would be expats living in England & UK with no development taking place locally. Look how Sir John had to get the land to kick start a banana industry - he had to pass a land reform law (LRTP 1984) to get lands from absentee people. But still we want to fight down local investors like Michael Chastanet but we still don't want foreigners. We cannot have our cake and eat it. We complained everyday about Chastanet having a monopoly on supermarkets, nobody wanted to invest, however, now that Massey is in control we are not complaining about rotten onions etc and skyrocketing food prices. Why you think people are afraid of CCJ? Its because the field slaves trust the white master more that they trust the house slave. If you want proof of that watch the movie "Django."

  5. I wonder if it was one of those so called poor schools if they would stand up too. SLP have the place in total chaos.

    • Wow is SLP doing that ? They have been voted out they have no power? Try blaming the people in charge of running the country please

    • Y'all people hide behind a keyboard and really talk SHATE! Yes, your UWP thought (posted here) is pure SHATE!

  6. "We can’t allow our legacy to go up in flames". What alarmist nonsense is this? How do you expect to be taken seriously with language like this.

    And I suppose your "legacy" is all that is important. The quality of educational facilities provided for future generations is irrelevant?

  7. 3800 people raise $285.50 per month for 12 Months gets you 13 million dollars

  8. Once you'll can put in the 13 million for repairs then fine, But until then shut the fork up selfish brats.

    • People like you have no shame anything the PM says is gospel? This man has factually been proved to be a liar and he has a conflict of interest.As he and his wife family stands to benefit handsomely if the land is sold to hotel developers.

    • Clearly you’re a Jack ASS

  9. So we are going to deprive future generations of a modern Educational experience because some people want to feel nostalgia when they pass by once a decade. Where were you 'll when the buildings were getting students ill? These are badly built.

    Out with the old, in with the new, Socialists like to get in the way of progress and playing on people's feelings to do so.

    St Lucia has to tear down old infrastructure (with no planning or zoning) to rebuild new. Stop Spreading ignorance.

    • honestly i have no problem for something new ....BUT until i can see feasible plans for a viable replacement for a "COMPREHENSIVE" secondary school with assurance of it's complition i will remain on the defensive against ita destruction.... i will admit i cant completely put my faith in the words coming from our pm as yet

  10. I support this cause even our schools are now for sale?

    • masiay masiay, look ignorance!!!!!!! WHo they selling it for?? the chinese?? aaa Look ignorance

      • You jackass !
        Prime beach front property, tell me which investor gonna refuse?

        • Oh now you see it as an investment? So what if the school stayed there would it be of any benefit to us? St. Lucia has to be built on investments not on handouts. You are fully aware that foreign aid is dwindling and rich nations are asking us to invest in our own development and the only way is to use our assets. That doesn't mean that the land will be sold either. It can be leased or used as collateral etc. Dont have a one tract mind that Chastanet wants it, besides, if not Chastanet which local will make the investment and buy it? Maybe the Chinese will as they have been buying out the city. If you are not prepared for the Chineese, the Chastanets or DuBoulays then check the Barnards. The Barnards had the distillery, they sold it to the French and you had no problem with that. People we have to make these investments because the world is a village and if we don't somebody else will.

    • What are you talking about idiot? You are nuttier than a can of cashews.


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