Castries Central political hopeful says he has “a lot of work to do” for the people

Castries Central political hopeful says he has “a lot of work to do” for the people

(SNO) — Former Saint Lucia diplomat Peter Lansiquot has been busy meeting with people in Castries Central since he returned home in December.

His aspiration: to hopefully be selected by the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) to contest the Castries Central seat at the next general elections.

“I have had political aspirations for a long time now,” Lansiquot told HTS.

“I was born with politics in my blood. You know the phrase bitten by the bug? I was bitten by the bug before I was born. And so yes, I always had political aspirations. I do have political aspirations,” he added.

Lansiquot’s comments came shortly after he launched a “distress fund” for people who lose their homes to fire and other disasters. He has already pledged his personal contribution and is hoping to raise thousands of dollars.

Lansiquot said he has spent the last several months focusing on the people of Central Castries by way of consultation.

“I am back home now since December. I have a lot of work to do. I am now inside the belly of the constituency on a daily basis, speaking with people, engaging with the people, embracing and being embraced with my bothers and sisters,” he told HTS.

He said “little by little” he is beginning to “see whats happening on the ground in the constituency”. He added that no one should expect “a wishy washy” response from about what plans he has for the community.

In order to have a proper response, he said one needs to “study the terrain, speak with people, engage with people” and “then come up with programs that can assist people in the various constituencies in terms of their development needs and other needs”.

Lansiquot pointed out that he is essentially a genuine Castries Central man, having been born and raised in the community and having lived in areas such as Jeremie Street, Morne Du Don, and La Pansee.

During his interview with HTS, he “shared a joke” whereby on his return to St. Lucia after completing his studies in Cuba, he wasn’t aware that his mother had moved to La Pansee from Morne Du Don. He said this was due to the bad communications via Cuba. He said on his return home, he went to his mother’s in Morne Du Don, only to find out she moved to La Pansee.

Meanwhile, Lansiquot disclosed that is already involved “to quite an extent in the political process” regarding his potential selection to represent the party.

He said a number of months ago, he indicated to the party leader about his interest in becoming a candidate for the Castries Central constituency, pointing out that the matter is “still an internal process”.

“As you know, we are a very democratic party and we handle matters of candidature very democratically,” he said. “Until we have gone through our internal process, we don’t say much on matters like that.”

Lansiquot, who credits the introduction of the Cuban eyecare program to Saint Lucia as one of his major achievements, has had a long career in the public and foreign service for St. Lucia.

He started off his public service career in the Ministry of Finance and Planning and has since served as deputy head of mission for the Embassy of St. Lucia in Washington DC, head of mission for the Embassy of Saint Lucia in Cuba, and as a diplomat at CARICOM.

Lansiquot’s last post was an economic development planner/programmer at CARICOM, HTS reported.




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  1. People who are hand-to-mouth are always overwhelmed by carpet-baggers who say those magic words. 'I want to help people'. Once these income supplementers make this or similar specious, vapid, and empty statements they consider that they have already won.

    Our low information-processing people have no shield against our many shysters.

    This country needs representatives with real skills, not shysters who sell packaged trips to hell. What's worse are the very many with just gaping mouths and putty minds, begging for the 'good news' on how soon they can get there.


    • I agree. Mate just there looking to increase the value of pension take-home money. That is all the work he is thinking about. Himself. His own welfare. He will sell you a pig in a poke. That is what diplomats are good at.


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