Castries Central MP takes aim at crime

Castries Central MP takes aim at crime
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun

(SNO) — Member of Parliament for Castries Central, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, is taking aim at crime and is confident that when root causes of the problem, such as unemployment and poverty, is tackled it can be reduced.

She has started an agriculture program in her constituency where young people can rent a small portion of land to grow crops for sale.

The project is expected to provide jobs for the youth.

Flood-Beaubrun said not everyone will be stopped from committing crime but she thinks a dent can be made in the problem.

“It is one of the solutions,” she stated.

The project is still in the early stages and Flood-Beabrun believes there is no quick fix to the the crime problem that has been plaguing Saint Lucia in recent times.

“It is a long time that our youth have felt that they are marginalized,” she stated. “People need confidence, they need to see things happening, they need to see the result of programs and so it is not a quick fix.”

There have been 42 homicides in Saint Lucia in 2018.


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  1. Sarah is alive???
    I've seen episodes of Sanford and Son more recently than this nonchalant, hypocritical opportunist.


  2. Sarah you lost the plot if you think any of those people will set foot on a farming plot. Youth unemployment is near 40% yet a small amount of youth as the ones engaged in crime. This crime issue has nothing to do with poverty and unemployment as many good St. Lucians were born poor and were unemployed yet they did not turn to guns.


  3. She make a lot of noise but the biggest hypocrite out there. Spending govt money with no results. What jobs?
    Something wrobg upstairs with this woman.
    She has lost her way. A joker.


  4. OMG The biggest hypocrite in the Hippodrome. She turned her back on the Castries Central Constituency long ago. She ran to get a job. She could care less about Castries. While the murder toll surged she was nowhere to be seen, off shaking hands with second tier diplomats in obscure places. She said nothing, did nothing. When she was hanged in effigy she came out with a program but never announced it. Now her Let Them Grow Corn scheme is going to do what? It's like the hairdressing salon she had built at Golden Hope. Was it not she who peddled rancid popcorn at Gablewoods Mall? Anything to make a buck. If anyone thinks this narcissist, this preposterous aspirational holier than thou phony is going to do any good in Castries Central, let them eat the corn.
    Seriously, get real. Awa.


    • The problem is not sera the problem is your kids and that Sealy lady and the drug kartel rf just jump upstairs how long castries have been a mess


    • She was hanged in an effigy because she stopped the illegal and nuisance activities of a two people from the ghetto who thought the could do whatever they wanted, wherever the wanted. She put a stop to some lawlessness.


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