Castries Central MP speaks on employment opportunities

Castries Central MP speaks on employment opportunities

(GIS) – Member of Parliament for Castries Central, Hon. Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, said the government of Saint Lucia will be intensifying its focus on addressing the myriad challenges confronting youth.

In her address to the youth during the recently-held National Independence Rally, Minister Beaubrun said the government will focus its attention on creating employment opportunities, assisting youth in discovering hidden talents and skills, and helping them in becoming creative, productive, and employable citizens.

“Our government is very conscious of the lack of diverse educational opportunities in our schools; and the fact that we need a curriculum that takes into account the needs of our students and the Minister for Education is working very hard at that, hence the synergy programme that is being piloted in Castries Central,” she said.

“We are concerned and are very conscious that we need to improve and increase our sporting facilities so that our youth can have the best opportunity to develop their sporting talents. We know that we have to make our education more geared toward employment and focus more on vocational training; and all of these things we are working for and towards and will unveil in our up-coming budget.”

The Castries Central MP said the government is aware of the frustration of the many school leavers who are unable to pursue tertiary education because of limited access to finance.

“I get WhatsApp messages from youth all over my constituency,” Minister Beaubrun added. “Some of the youth say to me I am just holding on, some say I can’t take it anymore, and I am saying all of this to say that we as a government understand the plight of youth, we know how urgent it is to address the issues facing youth, and we take this very seriously.”


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  1. after two years you all still in the will be stage. After your had 5 years in opposition to plan and 2 years serving you all still coming and say government plans to do that, We will be doing that. Stop doing and do.


  2. What's the point of this press release, about somethings Sarah said weeks ago?
    The youth are tired about hearing that the Government is "conscious" and "aware" of their problems. Such statements are no comfort. Almost 2 yeas in this Government's term, the time for words is past and the time for action is now.
    Late press releases do not impress anyone!


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