BREAKING NEWS: Castries bodybuilding enthusiast found dead

BREAKING NEWS: Castries bodybuilding enthusiast found dead

Police are investigating a suspected suicide that occurred at L’anse Road, Castries on Monday evening, Nov. 27.

Dead is Isaiah Epiphane Lewis, 28, who was found hanging inside a house around 8 p.m.

A friend of the deceased, who preferred anonymity, said Lewis was a “bodybuilding enthusiast”.

“He put in a lot of work in the gym. He was very focused. I am shocked,” the friend said.

Asked if Lewis seemed depressed at any time, the friend said: “He was not the most popular guy but he never showed any signs that he was depressed. But you never know, sometimes people are dying inside and use a smile to mask it.”

Reports are that relatives of the deceased are also shocked at his death.



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  1. Sad, very sad indeed. Some disorders difficult to pinpoint: so don't blame anyone.
    Sometimes some early signs from childhood, like angry irritable Kids, attention deficit
    hyperactivity, if not detected and remedied early, can/may lead to depression later on
    in adulthood. Even today some believe that Homosexuality is a disorder. It is a much complexed
    study that the best minds in the world are still wrestling with. No one escapes from a little headache
    in this life, so I for one place all of this burden on one, who willingly asked you to pass it over to him.
    Place all, and I mean all of your burden on Christ, daily, pleading afresh His shed Blood upon yourself
    and on your loved ones, friends, your home, belonging, job, and whatever else you think of and, believe.


  2. I knew Isaiah personally as I once dated him about one year ago. He has always been suicidal, hence I left him. The day I broke up with him, he almost drunk an entire bottle of bleach, but his mother had time to find him drinking the bleach, and brought him to the hospital. She called me later that night to beg me to take her son back, but I feared doing so, because he was very suicidal. He’d always been threatening to kill himself, and he did, eventually. As much as I’m not shocked because he finally killed himself, it’s sad.


    • Deng, that certainly puts an interesting spin on things. It was right for you to extricate yourself from that toxic situation, he needed help. It is unfortunate that he had to lose his life when all he may have needed was a few visits to a psychiatrist and some depression pills.

      We as a society need to place greater importance on mental health. When our muscles, bones, heart or lungs start to fail we rush to the hospital and get showered with sympathy. Yet when the brain, the most complex and critical organ, starts to malfunction, you get showered with jeers and criticism and enter a perpetual state of denial. It is unfortunate.

      Most people in St Lucia believe that Brain malfunctions are a birth defect. In fact, many do not even recognize that their alcohol addiction, sex addiction, violent predispositions, incessant lying and suicidal thoughts are signs of mental illnesses which can be treated. An entire society in denial. It's fascinating really.


    • Much appreciation " NobodyHasToKnow " at least you have shed some light on this issue. All of us can learn from the events leading up to the lost of a valuable life.
      This takes us back to raising our children, we have to " BEND THE TREE " when its young or when its old nothing we can do with it . As old as a Man or Woman is, They remain your Child to love and represent their interest. DON'T make any one fool you, Call them up , Rub them hard with serious argument to get them on a strait path. Kiss them, Hug them , They are still that sweet baby you brought into the world, they are all you truly have in this world of chaos, and deception.
      Thanks .


  3. I don't know him personally but I reside at Carellie and we commuted on the same buses mornings and afternoons since he was residing at Chase Gardens at the time. I saw him as a quiet individual, no fuss, just quiet with those big bright eyes. Sad he had to go that way. Wow! Peace, strength in the Almighty, and prayers go out to the family. RIP young man!


  4. This is so sad. But it all starts at childhood. We as parents have to teach them To : Let go of Comparing , Let go of Competing , Let go of Judgement , Let go of Anger or it destroy you , Let go of Regrets , Let go of Worrying , Let go of Blame , Let go of Guilt , Let go of Fear . Go into a hidden corner of a building or up in the mountain each day . Give yourself a big laugh at the world. Tell yourself You are special in the sight of God .


  5. i see mate have a woman name on his arm. maybe that woman horn him and he couldn't take it so he kill himself


  6. For those who need help when they get suicidal thoughts, you can call the National Helpline at any time day or night from any phone. Just dial 203. Please get help.


  7. Can't believe you're gone... especially in this manner. #sad
    Prayer is always the answer to our problems. seek God through our hard times.
    Even if u dont feel like talking to anyone, talk to God, he is always listening.

    May your soul rest in perfect peace . will miss you 🙁


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