Cash-strapped Blind Welfare Association gets help from Libya

Cash-strapped Blind Welfare Association gets help from Libya

This morning the Embassy of Libya in Saint Lucia made a donation to the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association.

The donation was presented by Charge d’Affaires Mr. Hisham Tayeb to Executive Director of the Association Mr. Anthony Avril.

Acting Prime Minister Honourable Lenard Montoute and Minister with responsibility for External Affairs Honourable Sarah Flood Beaubrun were on hand to offer Government’s continued support to the association.

Talks are underway to provide more assistance to the association by the Government, private sector and the Libyan Embassy as well as other foreign partners.


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  1. How insulting…..not sure why we have relations with these regimes…killing hundreds of blacks…even the ceremony makes one’s toes curl......


  2. Well done Sarah. Quietly you are establishing good relations with all our international partners. No fanfare just work like you did in the Ministry if Health. Best MINISTER OF GOVERNMENT in St Lucia for 20 years!


  3. may God bless you the people of Libya and its also good to know that the government of St.Lucia will continue to give the St.Lucia Blind welfare continued support a little more would be greatly appreciated i am sure.God bless you all


  4. Avril ! Not because you are blind there is an excuse for lapponess. This is exactly what you should have done a long time ago before the funding situation at SLBWA reach a critical stage, imagine some people did not even know of your existence. Now Sir going forward please make it your esteem duty to make the public aware of your services and the need to contribute tangle contributions to keep you afloat. I expect to see collection boxes at all cultural events, churches, and reputable place of business. From time to time I would expect to see or hear you conduct a marathon to bring awareness for assistance to help the blind . St Lucians are kind and they are a giving people I am quite sure they would heed to the call and gladly give from their wallets and their hearts.


  5. The Government of St.lucia should be ashamed Of themselves, it had to be outsiders to help situations that should've been dealt with by them...Smh


  6. wow so nice i hope the thieves dont break in again since now yall will be getting assistance and money


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