Case dropped against female correctional officer found with drugs

Case dropped against female correctional officer found with drugs
Lydia Charlery

The case against a female Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) officer, who was allegedly caught with drugs in her private part has been dropped.

Lydia Charlery of La Pointe, Mon Repos was caught with two “bricks” suspected to be hashish or cannabis resin, tightly wrapped in a clear plastic bag and further concealed in foil paper in her possession on April 12, 2015.

The entire package reportedly weighed about 25 grams and was hidden in a sanitary pad worn by the correctional officer.

A court official confirmed with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Tuesday that the matter was called about three times and each time, the files were not ready.

As such, the case was dismissed on the basis of ‘non- disclosure’, which simply means the failure to reveal or disclose information, especially in a court of law.

The 40-year-old mother of three was charged with possession of a controlled drug, intent to supply a controlled drug, attempt to introduce a controlled drug to a correctional facility and attempt to introduce a cell phone to a correctional facility.

She appeared in the First District Court on Tuesday, April 14, 2015, where she was granted bail in the sum of EC$2,500 or suitable surety.

Charlery was asked to surrender her travel documents and restricted from leaving the state without the court’s permission.

A few weeks later, the officer was allowed back on the job, which caught the attention of many persons.

The BCF had defended the female employee, stating, “There is a presumption of innocence to everyone. We have to be very mindful that we don’t become the judge and the executioner.”

The hashish and the foil paper discovered in the private part of female prison officer.

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  1. I am so thankful to God that it was done so.Only God knows why.Lydia I am from your home town and you are my friend all my life.Never forget wen we use to drink together. I just hope you learn a lesson from that and instead may u look for your children and not drugs.Try as much to respect yourself and your job.


  2. And Victor La Cobiniere talking crap about BCF making strides and improving...Some improving when someone who has sworn to uphold the law blatantly compromises the integrity of the main penal institution and gets away with it!


  3. wow! pretty soon someone will be charge for premeditated murder , and his files wont be available and the case will be dropped. i cant wait . smfh


  4. lucians are so superstitious and DEK DEK, there are multiple reasons for the case being dropped e.g she was illegally searched which could mean that the means of attaining evidence would not be permitted in court etc etc. my gosh use y'all brains for once and THINK


    • Did you even read the story. It clearly stated why the case was dropped so there is no reason to make assumptions. Reading is essential!


    • Did you understand or comprehend the article. IT CLEARLY STATED THAT HER COURT FILES COULD NOT BE FOUND. The police performed a true magician trick of disappearance.


  5. Smh. Corruption, borbol, all of the above. People will soon have no respect for what passes as the law in St Lucia.


  6. You'll them Lucian's shut you'll asses Lydia congrats they didn't get it in you. You a blessed so don't stress. I very happy for you. All the best in continuing to serve and protect


  7. St.Lucia the land of double standard........I remember three years ago a man from Forestierre( hope I spell it right) was arrested and charged for stealing three dasheen from someones garden,when he went to court he beg a said Magistrate who now works in the BVI for a chance said his family was hungry and he had no money. Guess what? That stupid man send the poor man in prison for three long years can you understand this? I HATE that Magistrate up to this day I will never forget him. Yet this woman walk scotch free mwe mem St.Lucia where everything is Irie.


    • Every case is to be judged on its own merits. Some of you all when you don't get your own way you go around 'hating people'. Velon John was one of the hardest working magistrates you have been lucky to have had on the bench.


  8. Welcome to St Lucia...
    Land of the free , a place where anything goes and real life events seem like cartoon shows on boomerang. It's the kind of place where?? nothing works and the rich and famous and those with high profile jobs and big positions are above the laws of the land.?
    It's the kind of place where status is everything and almost everyone live above there means in order to keep up with the Jones.
    It's the kind of place where people are so dependent on witchcraft as there means to quick fixes to there situation.
    The kind of place where your rights become your wrong if you are deem to be a Mr No body.
    The kind of place where jack knows John and John knows Stella and Susie knows Wendy it is easy to sweep things under the carpet.
    But don't worry because everything is for awhile .


    • Wow!! Very well said!! Couldn't have said it better!! I will copy and paste your words @fredflintstones, and store it in my memory pad!! Cause you hit the nail on the head!!... St Lucia really needs a serious shake up in the systems!!


  9. A Liat flight attendant was caught with drugs, look how she was handled. I do not even think she has been granted bail. so we can see the difference between Barbados and St Lucia's justice system.


  10. Another example that this is a lawless place. How are we expected to deter crime when these things happen? SMH.


    • she runs the show she knows their secrets.... They can't touch her ...she is the pie on the side..


  11. How much blood sacrifice did we have on island for this case? Files went missing, the evidence was found on that woman and yet still the case is dismissed, only in St.Lucia such bullshit will happen.
    When God get ready for we St.Lucians we will suck salt for all the voodoo we are practicing on island and she got her job back, go finger. Lord your people need you lord.


  12. So tell me what next she has to be reinstated and to be paid in full if she was place on suspension what a joke in this country ,I think the Commissioner of police has some questions to answer like wise the investigating officer ,his supervisor , the officer in charge of his department ,the officer in charge of the division and the office of public prosecution there should be an enquiry and all be made to account for the file simple as that


  13. When I read this article, I asked myself whether the magistrate was mad to dismiss this case when by all accounts this woman appeared to be guilty on what is reported. It's not like she can say that she didn't know the drugs were hidden in the sanitary napkin she wore. My research revealed the following:

    Criminal Procedure Rules [Statutory Instrument No. 22 of 2015]

    1.1 (3) The overriding objective of these rules, particularly the timely and efficient disposal of cases in the Criminal Division, cannot be achieved by the court readily granting adjournments without the party requesting the adjournment showing cause.

    7.3 (2) At every hearing the court must, where relevant:
    (d) in giving directions, ensure continuity in relation to the Court and the legal practitioners where that is appropriate and practicable; and
    (e) where a direction has not been complied with, find out why, identify who was responsible, and take appropriate action.

    8.1 (1) a Scheduling order required by these rules to be made at an initial hearing shall be made by a magistrate and shall set out the date:
    (b) by which the prosecution must make disclosure
    (f) the projected trial date

    8.4 The court may dismiss any summary matter or matters that can be disposed of summarily if:
    (a) the charge has been pending for more than 180 days; and
    (b) the trial has not commenced and the delay is not attributable to the defendant.

    Based on the above in particular, 8.4 and taking into account that the offence took place in April 2015 (13 months ago) I now understand why it was dismissed.

    My question now is who will be held accountable for the file not being ready?


  14. This is nonsense at the highest in st. Lucia. It is Not about a completed cAse and say questionable verdict but a matter of files gone missing and should warrant the immediate intervention of the minister of national security.
    It is a serious national security issue since obviously the police are unAble to successfully prosecute an accused of our high security prison.
    Drugs in her vagina? Our police cAnnot get a conviction on that? That either speaks tons and volumes about our police capAbilities or about corruption in the police force and or prosecutorial office.