CASE DISMISSED: The plague of absent investigators!

CASE DISMISSED: The plague of absent investigators!

Delano George walked free from charges of assault with a deadly weapon (firearm) and possession of a firearm without a license on Tuesday after prosecutors failed to produce witnesses.

After months of adjournments, the yearlong trial finally came to a head when prosecutors were forced to admit that they were unable to produce material witness in the form of former police Corporal 297 Joseph Albertson.

George allegedly assaulted Albertson with a firearm on November 8, 2012. The same firearm was later proved to be in George’s possession without benefit of a license.

Presiding magistrate Christine Phulchere dismissed the case telling George he was granted a second chance.

“These are very serious charges. The court has found you not guilty; this does not mean that you are innocent,” Magistrate Phulchere told George.

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